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“Dedra Hanson has always made the smart, sensible decisions. Deciding to leave her current position as administrative assistant to sexy CEO Paul Chastain is no exception. She is smart enough to know that she cannot watch him enter a loveless marriage. However, she can’t leave without knowing what she’s missing out on. So she takes matters into her own hands (with a little magical help from a friend) for one night before she moves back to Chicago. However, that one night might ruin (or perfect) the rest of her life.

This is short, delicious read. It features a hot romance, delicious desserts and lovely ending. What more could you ask for (besides a sequel)? Sugar & Spice is a fun way to spend an hour. Being a novella, it is too short to get to know the characters well, but they are all likeable and you hope they make the right decisions. Dedra and Paul have excellent chemistry and I kept hoping they’d wake up and realize how they felt about each other. Left to themselves, they definitely never would have made a move. It is up to Dedra’s friend Anja to use magical means to give them a push in the right direction. But will it be enough? And will it prevent Dedra from moving back to Chicago. Take an hour and find out – I promise it is a lot of fun.” — 4 Stars, Book Savvy Reviews