Juggling progress

I tore my manuscript apart. Seriously shredded it. This is for one of my 2009 releases, TIE ME DOWN. I knew it wasn’t working but couldn’t pinpoint why. My CP’s knew it wasn’t working, but… yeah, couldn’t pinpoint why. Then my editor called. The woman is like, psychic or something. Or I’m like, repetitive or something 😉 the issue she wants me to revise in RISQUE BUSINESS is exactly what I why I was stuck on TIE ME DOWN. Oh, not the same plot angle, but the framework. As soon as she said it, the lightbulb went off and the story all clicked in my head! YAY! Gotta love a brilliant editor.

So my progress for NANOWRIMO and the 70 Days of Sweat is… well, slow. I’ve rewritten almost all of the opening of the story, and am back where I started last Thursday. But with revisions hitting this week, that means I either set aside TIE ME DOWN and focus on getting the revisions done, or I juggle.

I’m not so great at juggling. But… I want to be.

How about you? Can you flip from story to story (writing or even reading them) Can you juggle?