January Red Hot Reader of the Month

There’s nothing as fabulous as a reader… Except maybe a Red Hot Reader!

Check out this fun interview with Tonya, this month’s Red Hot Reader.


1. What’s your favorite thing about reading romance?

The Happily Ever After ending.

2. Other than Tawny, who is your favorite author?

Diana Palmer

3. Which of Tawny’s books was the first you ever read?

Sex, Lies, and Midnight

4. Which of Tawny’s books is your favorite?

All of the Seal series. Lol. It’s so hard to choose just one as my favorite!

5. What type of hero rocks your world?

Sexy Seals of course!

6. Where is your favorite place to read?

In my recliner.

7. What’s your favorite reading snack?

Cheese Puffs

8. Print or Digital?

Both. I love the feel of the print books, and let’s face it, they don’t hurt as bad when you fall asleep with one in your hand. However, I do like the convenience of taking an e-reader on the road with me.

9. Chocolate or Vanilla?

A swirl of both!

10. Day or Night?

I used to be a night owl in my younger days, but now I’m the grouchy old woman who doesn’t like to have my sleep disturbed.

11. Short reads or Long books?

Both, short reads for weeknights after work, but longer reads for the weekend.

12. Cupcakes or Ice Cream?

Both of course.




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