Fresh Fiction Review: A SEAL’s Desire

“Tawny Weber’s latest sexy SEAL is God’s gift to womankind, Cowboy Laramie, whose reputation for sexual prowess precedes him everywhere he goes, but Laramie really a good ole boy at heart. This cowboy is a real charmer, but he’s not arrogant; it’s obvious with his friends and colleagues, and where they share banter that is some of Ms. Weber’s finest. Sammi might have some socialite friends, which she retained from university, but she’s a simple girl at heart. Laramie and Sammi both of them come from humble backgrounds, although Sammi’s was much more harrowing. Tawny Weber usually sets her stories in big cities, and I really loved how she captured the feel of a small town in A SEAL’S DESIRE: the feeling is warm and cozy, not hokey. It was fun how Laramie attacked his mission of finding the missing fiancé, putting all his training to good use. Sammi Jo has always been rather docile, but when push comes to shove, she grows a steel backbone, and Laramie realises that what he saw as a perfect life might have been missing something. There are, of course, some steamy and quite delectable sex scenes, and you may never look at cake frosting quite the same way! Tawny Weber is at her very sassy best in A SEAL’S DESIRE!” ~ Fresh Fiction

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