Fresh Fiction Review: A SEAL’s Secret

“A SEAL’S SECRET is captivating, compelling and very sensual. A SEAL’S SECRET is a truly exceptional book, Tawny Weber’s best ever; she has pushed her boundaries as I never thought possible; I feel it might be just the beginning of something quite extraordinary.”~ Fresh Fiction

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A SEAL's Secret cover

“A SEAL’S SECRET is very different from Ms. Weber’s two previous SEAL’s books in tone, but the author pursues the angle that started with the most recent instalments in this series. Using her immense talent, she delves deeper in the psychology of her characters and their emotional involvement in what starts off as an uncomplicated a sexual relationship. Livi and Mitch’s story progresses during intimate conversations, as well as how they deal with their relationships with their respective parents; as we watch their romance blossom, they come into their own as people.”