Fresh Fiction Review: A SEAL’s Pleasure

“A SEAL’S PLEASURE feels like the first day of spring: bright and invigorating! The latest instalment in Ms. Weber’s long-running SEAL series is much lighter in tone than the more recent books, which featured darker content. A SEAL’S PLEASURE is bright and airy, vibrant and lively. Ms. Weber’s sense of humour makes a comeback in full force: the banter between Gabe and Tessa, especially at the beginning, is quite funny. At the beginning, A SEAL’S PLEASURE seems like what could have been somewhat formulaic but the author chose a different path which surprised both me and Tessa; I think it was a clever move, as it allows for further character development.

I like that A SEAL’S PLEASURE features a Native American, Gabe has a Cherokee grandfather, and it is not an issue. It’s refreshing to see non-Caucasian characters and that it’s taken all in stride; it’s simply a part of what makes Gabe what he is, the same as his hair or eye colour. A SEAL’S PLEASURE is a bubbly, sparkling, happy, sexy read.” ~ Fresh Fiction