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Welcome to my Flames of Desire blog hop post and Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!!  I’m super excited to share a peek into my FREE (only for a few more days) release, Rules of Engagement.


“Where are you going?”
Why? Did he want her to stay? Gina stared up at him, the familiar sexual tension she always felt around him sliding through her system. Dark eyes stared back, lashes so lush she could barely resist touching them. He wore his usual, intense look, the one that made her wonder if he was trying to see into her soul.
Or better yet, wondering what she looked like naked.
Despite the crowd of wedding guests milling around them, Gina’s mind immediately reciprocated, images of what Rico might look like naked dancing through her brain.
She knew he was buffed and tight, his body honed to perfection. But she wanted to see the rest of it.
Yes, oh yes she did.
Did his lips taste as good as they looked? Were his hands gentle, even in the throes of passion? Or did he throw caution and that gentlemanly façade out the door and grab a woman for some rough and wild craziness?
Gina’s heart pounded so hard, she was surprised her dress didn’t rip. Face flushed, she glanced away trying to remember what he’d said.
“Sorry, what?” she finally asked with an apologetic smile.
“Where are you going?” he repeated, that ever-so-familiar impatient furrow in his brow.
“To help Sophia get ready for photos.”
“You’re not going to explain that crying thing?”
For a second, the wild side of her wanted to share everything. Why she’d been crying, what she’d been thinking, and just exactly how often she’d imagined him naked.
“I don’t think you’d understand,” she said instead.
“Try me.”
Her eyes dropped to his mouth, those lips tempting her. Just one taste, that’s all she wanted.
But that’d be every kind of stupid.
So she shifted her smile to saucy and shook her head. “Nope. Women like to be a mystery. Didn’t you know that?”
“You are definitely mysterious,” he muttered with a confused shake of his head. But he smiled back. A real smile, the kind that made his dark eyes dance and those manly dimples flash. The kind of smile that melted her heart.
She sighed, wishing for just a brief second that she could pretend to be his type. But Gina didn’t do lies, so trying to pretend otherwise just ended up hurting all parties involved.
And she wasn’t big on being hurt.
“I’m sure you have other things to do than listen to me, anyway. Since I doubt I’ll see much of you before you go, you take care of yourself,” she said. Then, unable to resist, she reached out and skimmed quick fingers along his already stubbled jaw. She gave him a tremulous smile, then winked. “No more throwing yourself on bombs or any other crazy heroics. It freaks your sister out.”
Her hand on fire, aching to touch more, she tightened her fingers around the stems of her bridesmaid bouquet of red roses, turned on her strappy stiletto heel and hurrying off.
Before she did something really stupid like forget her convictions and attempt a little make-believe normalcy.
Although for a tumble with a guy like Rico?
Make-believe normalcy and a broken heart might be a fair price to pay.


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