First Review for RIDING THE WAVES

I received my first review for RIDING THE WAVES and YAY!!Β  It definitely made me smileΒ  πŸ™‚ What do you think?

Night Owl Reviews

What a fun story, smooth, easy to read, and lots of laugh out loud moments. Oh, and add two characters that generate enough heat between them no wonder there’s global warming.

Dru is a brilliant scientist very focused on her career (Tawny has the details on this career nailed) and being a success. Her career is everything. She’s not truly a risk taker. In making her career the center of her life she has neglected such things as interpersonal skills (Actually, if you’ve watched Bones, on TV, she reminds me of Temperance).

“Blond, cool and contained, Dru knew she put off a don’t-touch-me air. She didn’t mean to, but couldn’t seem to change it.” Dru is attractive but tends to hide it behind severe hairstyles and the color beige.

Dru’s experience with sex, so far: “Drucilla wanted to love sex. Better yet, she wanted a sex life worth loving. She was a firm believer in maintaining a healthy balance between mind and body. Her mind was top-notch and she worked to keep her body the same. Good food, regular exercise. And sex, dammit. She’d read plenty of studies that claimed that regular, satisfying sex was important to good health…Maybe self-gratification would be enough if she increased her beta-carotene intake?

It was damn hard to test a theory if all the guys she dated had the sexual skills of a ninth-grade nerd with a National Geographic fetish.”

She has a best friend, Nikki, who is determined to expand her narrow world. I love Nikki’s one liners and deadpan ways of making her point. Nikki deftly maneuvers Dru (enlisting the aid of the boss) in taking a vacation with the instructions to find a hottie.

Enter said hottie, Alex, whom Dru thinks of as nothing more than a bit above average in smarts, surf-boy and perfect for a hot, no strings, fling. Sparks fly and even more when she comes home to find that her wild sexy lover, the man who gave her the most blowing sex on every available surface, is the Rock Star of the science world and her partner on a major project. Which means no personal fraternizing, much less hot sex.

I love to read Tawny’s stories. She has a way of creating realistic conflicts and setting an excellent set of characters in place to solve them. Tawny’s characters are fun and characters you truly enjoy reading about. I love the way she fashions her Happily-ever-after.

If you like a fast paced story, and entertaining plot, with a dose of hot sex you’re going to love reading this one. 4 stars