My Favorite Holiday Treat: Reading

holiday-bookAhh, it’s that time again. The foggy time between Christmas and New Years, where the big holiday deadlines are done, the presents unwrapped, the feasting a fond memory and the wild partying yet to come. I love this week! Mostly because while there is still work to be done (no amount of wild partying can be achieved without a little work, right?) and my deadlines are still looming like the Ghost of Christmas Future (that’s the scary one, right?) I love taking time this week for me. Just a little relaxing holiday in between treat time.

That means I’m curling up by the fire with a cup of mostly whipped cream with a hint of hot cocoa, my favorite blanket and this year’s reading treat: Nora Roberts’ STARS of FORTUNE trilogy. i’ve read the first two and tried to settle in and read the third multiple time in December, but the month was just too crazy. So now, it’s the joy of reading the trilogy from start to finish, with the only interruption being the refilling of my whipped cream–I mean, hot cocoa.

How about you? Are you getting in some fabulous holiday reading this week? And when it comes to trilogies or series, do you read each book as it comes out, do you wait for all the books to be out and read start to finish, or do you reread each book as another is released like I do?


  • Kathy N says:

    I read the books as each one comes out, then reread them as each new one comes out. I’ve done that with all of my favorites series of books. 😀

  • Elizabeth (Liz) says:

    Being retired, I finally get to read a book per day, day & half… every minute of sitting outside in the shade with one in my hands.

  • Donna Bayar Repsher says:

    Getting lots of reading done over the holidays, but, with few exceptions, I like being able to read a series from beginning to end, all at once. Sadly, most of the authors I follow write really, really long series, some as many as 30 or more novels, and I don’t have the will power to stay away from them for that length of time, so I’m always waiting for the next book in more series than I can count!

  • Sounds delightful. Enjoy your reading time!
    I read each book as it comes out.

  • Marcia White says:

    I am reading. I just picked up 4 books at the library. Most books I read as ebooks and reserve on my local library’s website.

  • Gail Palmere says:

    I like to wait and read them all when they are all out. There are too many books that I want to read & not enough time in the day. I have close to 1800 ebooks on my kindle (and keep adding more) and have 4 bookshelves filled with books in Florida and 5 filled with books in Tennessee. I love to read and always have a book, kindle, or ipad with me wherever I go.