Hot Meal with A Sexy SEAL was first written as part of a cookbook promotion on the Books I love a Latte blog, and has been slightly reworked to share with you here.

A Hot Meal with a Sexy SEAL

Featuring Gabriel Thorne and Tessa Monroe from A SEAL’s PleasureA SEAL's Pleasure


     Tessa Monroe had spent most of her career studying sex. Studying it, writing about it. Enjoying it.

     Maybe her career had made her a little jaded, but she’d started figuring that things like true seduction, sexual connections and, yes, love, were pure works of fiction.

     But as she stepped into through the French doors to a small, vine-covered patio, she knew she’d been wrong.

“Well, well,” she murmured as she eyed the candles flickering across the flagstone, the scent of hot-night flowers filling her lungs. Then her eyes landed on the sexiest of sexy… Gabriel Thorne. “What have we here?”

     “Seduction, of course.” Gabriel, the Chief Petty Officer who’d stolen her heart, flashed a sexy grin. As always, his smile alone sent tiny tendrils of heat through Tessa’s system.

     Tall, dark and handsome didn’t even begin to cover how sexy the man was. Gorgeous came closer. From the broad expanse of well-muscled shoulders in his navy blue tee to the tips of his size fourteen feet, bare and sexy on the cobblestone, he exuded strength. The sharp angles if his face with its knife-edged cheekbones and golden skin contrasted against hair so black it gleamed blue and eyes just as dark.

     “Seduction of the senses,” Gabriel said, stepping over to slide his mouth over hers in greeting. His lips were so soft, his scent so welcoming as it wrapped around her like a warm hug. His tongue slid over her bottom lip just before he nipped the tender between his teeth.

Heat washed over Tessa in a hot, fast wave of pleasure. All it took was a single taste of the man and all she could think about was gobbling Gabriel up in big, hungry bites. She wanted to grab him in both hands and show him just how sexy.

But once she got ahold of him, she wouldn’t be stopping until they were both hot and sweaty with pleasure. And, she sniffed the decadently scented air, she was too intrigued at his actually cooking to do anything that might end up burning dinner.  

But before could do more than nibble, he stepped away.

     “Sorry,” he said with a grin. “I don’t want to get distracted before dinner’s made.”

     “You’re making me dinner?” Surprised, she glanced around.

     “I’m seducing you with dinner.”

     “Steak?” she noted, not bothering to hide the amusement in her voice. Man food was supposed to seduce her? Tessa nibbled her lower lip, eyeing the T-bone. Well, at least the red meat would help Gabriel keep up his strength. A good thing, since she had big plans for him tonight.

     Her gaze shifted to the man in question, her eyes sliding over the delicious breadth of his shoulders, then down the rippling strength of his biceps.

Mmm, yeah. Steak was okay. After all, she had big plans for Gabriel. All of which required him at full strength.  

But instead of slapping the slabs of meat on the hot coals, he sliced the stems off a dozen or so mushrooms in quick, easy moves.

“What are you doing?” she asked as he tossed a little rosemary and crushed garlic over the now-stemless mushrooms.

“I told you, I’m seducing you. First with dinner,” he lifted the bowl in one hand, the other stirring the well-oiled mushrooms with their seasonings. “After you’ve been awed by my talent with food, I’ll blow you away with a few other talents.”

“I’m already addicted to those other talents of yours,” Tessa pointed out absently, her focus locked on the sensual play of Gabriel’s movements as took a pinch of salt, then with his hands chest high, sprinkled it over the bowl. He did the same with the pepper, his every move pure sensuality.  

Slowly, reluctantly, she lifted her eyes to his face.

Was there anything sexier than a man cooking for his woman? She watched him pour the mushrooms into a parchment paper-lined pan, slide the pan into the brick oven beneath the barbeque, then brush his hands together in a gesture of triumph.

Nope. Nothing sexier.

To show her appreciation for the mean, and the sexiness, Tessa walked over. She slid her palms up the deliciously hard planes of his muscular chest, tiptoed her fingers over his rigidly powerful shoulders and locked hands behind his neck. All the while, her eyes met his. She watched the appreciation flare in his dark gaze, saw the amusement fade into passion. In a blink, that passion was tempered with determination.

That’s when she lifted her mouth. That’s when he took it.

The kiss was hot, as hot as the coals burning behind them. His hands were sure as he cupped one over her butt to lift her up to meet his mouth while the other wrapped around her waist. As always, whenever he touched her, he made her feel both delicate and powerful.

She and Gabriel had been together for months, but she still wasn’t used to the intensity of their kisses, to the way they made her mind shut off and her body take over. With just a sweep of his tongue, she was panting and desperate for more.

Before she could start stripping him off so she could get to all that more she wanted, a bell sounded.

“Mmm, hang on,” he said as he released her mouth.

“I usually hear explosions when I climax,” she teased, rubbing her thumb over his bottom lip. “Pre-orgasm bells are new.”

“Timer.” With a regretful shake of his head, Gabriel set her aside and returned to the grill. With quick, competent moves, he flipped the steaks onto the heat and gave the pan in the oven a shake.

Tessa had to take a deep, cleansing breath before she could shake off enough of the needy desire in order to move again. When she did, she kept her distance from the temptation manning the barbeque. No point burning dinner when she knew what they’d be having for dessert.  

Instead, she began chatting easily about her day as he checked the steaks and Tessa got the wine. When Gabriel joined her, platter in one hand, he pulled out her chair with the other.

     “Damn,” he murmured as Tessa slid into her seat. “You’re seriously beautiful.”

     Her lips curved, her tongue sweeping out in brief temptation before she tilted her head toward the platter he seemed to have forgotten.

     “Weren’t you going to seduce me?” Her words were as husky as her eyes were hot.

     “Mmm.” He lifted one tender, juicy looking mushroom between his fingers, offering it. Her eyes locked on his, Tessa leaned forward to take a bite.

     “Oh,” she hummed as the flavors exploded. “Good. So good.”

     “Seduction food,” Gabriel said as he scooped a spoonful onto her plate along with the steak before serving himself and joining her.

     “You’ve never cooked for me before,” she said with a baffled smile. “Why tonight?”

     He forked up a mushroom, lifting it to her lips so Tessa could savor the flavor again.

“Why else?” Gabriel murmured, smiling slowly as she hummed her pleasure. “To seduce you.”

     Something he was so good at, Tessa acknowledged as she fell in love all over again.