Welcome to Tawny’s Red Hot Readers Club!

I’m so glad you joined in! Here’s where you’ll find all the insider scoop on my sassy, steamy stories, including exclusive reads and sneak peeks for upcoming releases (and I know you’ll love sneaking peaks at my sexy, alpha heroes!)

While you’re here, why not whip up something yummy in the kitchen? Red Hot Reader Club recipes can take you from breakfast with Sebastian’s Breakfast Potatoes (from Blazing Bedtime Stories), though the cocktail hour with Sophia’s Strawberry Kiss Cocktail (from Breaking the Rules), and on to a luscious late night dessert like Pandora’s 4Layer 4Play Chocolate Cake (from Sex, Lies, and Mistletoe). Oh, now I’m hungry!

Be sure to place your vote for the Hunk of the Month, play a game, and check the special Reader’s Club Contest! And keep your eyes open for the Red Hot Reader of the Month. You never know when it might be you!


A Red Hot Thank You

I’m so grateful to all of my awesome Red Hot Readers that I wanted to offer you a gift! You can check it out and get yours here.  I’ll change it up regularly, so be sure to check back at least that often so you don’t miss out.


Reader of the Month

Sharlene Wegner is our Red Hot Reader of the Month! Congratulations, Sharlene. A new month also brings us some sexy new hotties for the Hunk of the Month Contest. For this month’s Hunk of the Month category, we have ROMANTIC MOVIE HEROES: Patrick Swayze, Josh Lucas and Christopher Reeve.

Check ’em out and choose your favorite!

Each month, I’ll draw one random name to be Red Hot Reader of the Month, and that person will win a prize from my Book Shelf filled with not only my books, but lots of friends books as well. In addition, they’ll be featured as the Red Hot Reader of the Month, and they will also get to decide the next month’s hotties for the Hunk of the Month contest!!