Confessions of a Bibliophile Review: Christmas with a SEAL

“What a fantastically festive and romantically infused story. Weber steps quietly to the background in this one and allows her story to take readers for a ride. I appreciate the way that her writing style shifts minutely depending on which character she is talking about at the time. You can really feel their personalities. At the same time, her intricate and playful descriptions bring the entire story to life in a very vivid manner.

I loved that this novel was about so much more than simply romance at Christmas. The complex characters that Weber has created have a great deal of personal (and professional) issues that they have to work through before they can fully come together. Getting to know them as individuals while they get to know one another, and discover parts of themselves that they didn’t know existed, definitely put a smile on my face.

As a whole, this was a unique & quick read that left a smile on my face. Weber had me wanting to grab a glass of eggnog, and that special someone to go trim the tree. It also had me wanting to go wander around my neighbourhood to look at Christmas lights.” ~ Confessions of a Bibliophile