Christmas with a SEAL Sneak Peek

Here’s a peek at the first page of Christmas with a SEAL:Christmas with a SEAL cover

      If she had a fairy godmother, Frankie Silvera would be sending her a big ole thank you bouquet for giving her the perfect opportunity to make some of her naughtiest dreams come true.

     Or maybe it was her creative muse.

     This was the kind of place that definitely inspired creativity. The Las Vegas penthouse was a kaleidoscope of sensations. Neon lights glinted off sparkling chandeliers, sending colorful sparkles off the crowd of partiers. Dressed in everything from sequins to plastic, denim to silk, bodies filled the room, covering the leather couches, perched on chrome stools around the horseshoe bar and flowing onto the dance floor.

Accenting it all were intense music, free flowing booze and men. So, so many men.

     And oh, baby, they were gorgeous.

     It wasn’t just knowing that most of these muscular, sexy men were Navy SEALs that made Frankie’s insides dance. It was knowing that somewhere among them was her dream hottie and the answer to all of her problems.

     She just had to find him.

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