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Night Maneuvers: Teaser & Excerpt

NIGHT MANEUVERS   Here’s an excerpt from NIGHT MANEUVERS: Bryanna pursed her lips and blew out a long, slow whistle of appreciation. The man was gorgeous. Tall, dark and handsome didn’t do justice to the power of his looks, the strength of his build or the intensity of his expression. Simple jeans and a tee […]

Check out A SEAL’s Touch

A SEAL’s Touch is out in print and will be out in digital on Monday!! Whoo to the Hoooooooo!!!! I had a lot of fun with this story because it begins with one of my favorite tropes, Friends to Lovers.  Cat and Taylor have been friends for, well, ever, when Taylor asks her to step […]

A SEAL’s Pleasure Sneak Peek

Did you check out the sparks between Tessa and Gabriel when they hit the pages of A SEAL’s Secret?   I hope so, because they’re back with their very own story.   Out May 1 in digital (April 21st in Print), A SEAL’s Pleasure is all about Romeo.  Here’s a peek: “Now that’s a sight […]

A SEAL’s Secret Sneak Peek: First Meet

One of my favorite things to read in a romance is the first meet.  Followed by the first kiss, the first ‘I love you’, etc.  In other words, I’m a fan of firsts 🙂  Here’s the first meet between Mitch and Livi in A SEAL’s Secret. Mitch met Livi after this exchange with Gabriel (aka […]

Teaser Tuesday Kisses: A SEAL’s Sacrifice

Mmm, another first kiss.  Or in this case, the first kiss between Noah and Gwen in 3 years. Here’s a peek… She was halfway down the hall when Noah grabbed her arm. Her stomach jumped into her throat, knotting there so she could barely breathe. His fingers were hot on her skin as he spun […]