Call to Honor Cover Model Inspirations

One of my favorite things about writing romances is seeing my name on the cover of a book featuring a gorgeous hero. And thanks to Harlequin’s Art Department, I’ve been very blessed with some great covers to be excited over.   Which makes it even more awesome knowing that quite a few of my readers are very interested in following the hunks who make their way onto book covers, too.  (Remember the days of Fabio covers?!?)  When the process of creating the cover for CALL TO HONOR began, my editor asked if I had any cover models in mind.  I told her that I thought the model on the cover of A SEAL’s Touch had the perfect look for my hero, Diego, in CALL TO HONOR.  Lo and behold, HQN rocked the cover by featuring the same model, Jonathan Niziol, on CALL TO HONOR.

What do you think?  Great cover, right?!

I was lucky enough to be in touch with Jonathan, and he agreed to answer a few questions for my readers!  So, Readers, I give you Jonathan Niziol!!

Tawny: How did you get into modeling for the covers of romance novels?

Jonathan: When I started modelling in Toronto over 9 years ago I had a shaved head. I went to a couple of castings for harlequin but was never booked to shoot. That is until I was traveling and modelling abroad for a few years and decided to grow my hair out. Once I came back with hair, thankfully I was booked pretty quickly to shoot and haven’t looked back since.

Tawny:  How many book covers have you done, and do you have a favorite?

Jonathan: Over the last 5+ years I have shot over a hundred covers, I would guess. There have been so many I can’t say I have a favourite but I really enjoyed the shoots where I have worked with babies and small children, animals, and location shoots i.e. farms, beaches, etc. Of course shooting covers for Tawny Weber’s novels were always a highlight! ?

Tawny: Awwwwww, you rock!!! 

Tawny:  Do you ever read the novels you’re on the cover of?

Jonathan: I can honestly say I’ve never read a complete book, but I have read parts of them. I do make it a point to buy every book I see with myself on the cover to support Harlequin and the great authors that have been such a great client for me over the years. Plus, one day when I have kids I’ll be able to show them the bookshelves I’ve filled up with them and my other modelling work.

Woot and thanks to Jonathan for taking the time to visit with us!!!  You can check out more if his great photos on his agency site, or keep an eye out on my covers.  I’m hoping he’ll be featured on one again!

So here’s my reader question of the day… Do you follow cover models from book to book?  


  • Donna Bayar Repsher says:

    Yes, I do. I will purchase any book if the incredibly gorgeous (and really sweet) Matt Zumwalt is on the cover.

  • Lisa Conklin says:

    I’m always interested in the articles I’ve come across about some of the cover models but I don’t usually follow them.

  • Anna Smith says:

    Yes i do. This is a part that makes a good book look interesting besides knowing who the author is also.

  • Colleen says:

    No I do not follow them, but I have seen a few that have been on multiple covers that I recognize.

  • Caitlin says:

    Sometimes I do. Sometimes I’ll pick up a book and I’ll be like, wait a minute…didn’t I just see this same guy on the cover of another book I just read? Sometimes I see the same model on multiple book covers.

  • Pleased to hear that your models actually read the book,or at least some of it, to get a feeling of the character.

  • Judy Unterberger says:

    I pick up books mainly based on the author. If there is nothing that looks new to me then I browse covers. I probably did that more when I actually bought paperbacks and not so much with my kindle.

  • Helen says:


    Not sure that I follow cover models although I do have a lot of Fabio covers ? maybe I should start to follow them because I do love this one ??

    Have Fun

  • Kathy N says:

    I don’t follow cover models from book to book, although I do like seeing the gorgeous guys! 😀

  • Marcia White says:

    No, I really don’t. The covers are not the be all and end all for me. Of course the cover does need to be attractive

  • Sharon Guagliardo says:

    I’m sorry to say that I do not following the cover models, but I sure enjoy looking at them and wondering what their story is within the book. I do love the fact that they bring the story to life when you are reading and saying, Yeah, he fits it perfectly.

  • Karen Hrdlicka says:

    I tend to notice cover models but I don’t follow too many. I’ve found that when they take to social media they tend to become less attractive. A great cover draws the eye but to me the blurb sells the book.