Call to Honor Fave Five: Story Settings

One of the most interesting part of writing a story for me is choosing the setting. Where will these characters hang out, where will they live, where will they fall in love? The SEAL Brotherhood stories were doubly fun because I was able to have my characters visiting such a gorgeous variety of locations.

With that in mind, here are my Fave Five Settings from the SEAL Brotherhood stories. And while you can visit any of these locations in person, there are a few you won’t be able to visit in story land until the books are released *g*

In chronological order (not order of preference because I simply can’t choose a favorite!):

Santa Barbara




Lake Tahoe




San Diego


Have you had the pleasure of visiting any of these locations? What did you think?


  • Janice Gould says:

    Back in 1969,we had a family wedding in LA and so my Dad and I (we are nooks and crannies travelers and not big on super highways).

    We flew into SF and toured the city and then rented a the car to travel the PCH to LA. We had to go through some serious rain and when we got to the Carmel area we found out the trunk lining had a hole in it and there was water in the trunk.

    We picked the road up again in San Luis Obispo and we stopped over night in Santa Barbara .
    When we went outside the next AM all I can say is WOW!!!!!! I have not been to Hawaii or Napa but I have been to Tahoe and San Diego and my choice is definitely Santa Barbara. Napa is not a place I want to visit as I cannot have any wine was in 1974 and i detest any bubbly drink.

    I remember going to an uncle’s home the night before the wedding and another Hawaiian pipe line storm had hit. He lived on the ‘bottom’ of a hill and when we went out to go home, was a scene I will never forget The car that was parked in front of us, the front wheels were against the curb with the car facing up the hill. The water was coming down the hill so fast and furious, that it hit that front wheel that was against the curb and the car was totally covered with rushing water. The driver of the car got totally instantly soaked getting into his car.

    My choice of the 5???? Santa Barbara and always will be. Standing on the shore at the water’s edge and looking at the mountains (covered with snow) and the city?

    No pictures or videos can tell anyone the feeling you get just standing there and looking over the land from the shore.

  • Donna Bayar Repsher says:

    I’ve visited Lake Tahoe several times, we have family in Reno, and it’s absolutely breathtaking.

  • I can see why you couldn’t chose! All great locations.

  • Anna Smith says:

    I have been to California in 1983(took my son) to go to Disney World but that was it,my 9 year old grandson went with his other grandmother in 2014 to visit family.Lovely place

  • Sharon Guagliardo says:

    The only place I’ve been to out of your pics is Napa. It was just gorgeous there. It also had a nice slow vibe.

  • Mary-Ann Cole says:

    Visited Santa Barbara briefly (a few hours) many years ago. Where we were was very picturesque.

  • Debbie Rice says:

    Never been to any of those places but Hanalei just speaks to me