Call to Honor Blog: Review Roundup

Here are a few reviews for CALL TO HONOR:

      • Thoughts of a Blonde Review: CALL TO HONOR “With a story filled with intrigue and passion, Tawny Weber brings us the start of a new SEAL series! Team Poseidon is the best of the best and make for an interesting bunch of guys.” ~ Thoughts of a Blonde 



      • The Reading Addict Review: CALL TO HONOR “This romantic suspense novel is an exciting introduction to an elite group of Navy SEALs, as tension and heat ramp up with every page.” ~ The Reading Addict


        • Splashes Into Books Review: Call To Honor “This is a real page turner. It has great characters together with an intriguing plot which involves hot SEALs, a feisty Mum, traitors to be discovered, a kidnapping, friends and team mates to rely on and a delightful young man, too!”  ~ Splashes Into Books    


      • RT Book Reviews: CALL TO HONOR “This hot and sexy adventure takes readers on a thrilling ride of romance, secrets and SEALs. Diego Torres is driven by loyalty and brotherhood. Harper Maclean is driven by her need to protect her son. Together they make an explosive combination. The story flows nicely with just the right amount of heat to keep things …


      • Lacy’s Love of Literature Review: Call to Honor “This book was such a sweet, amazing read. I absolutely adored this story; the main and secondary characters, the storyline, everything about this book was simply amazing.” ~ Lacy’s Love of Literature


      • Harlie’s Books Review: Call to Honor “…no one write SEALs better than her. Yes, I put her SEALs up against anyone else. She’s that good.” ~ Harlie’s Book Reviews         


      • Cathy’s World Review: CALL TO HONOR “Diego was a wonderful book boyfriend and Harper his equal in so many ways. The dilemma they faced, the trust issues that arose, the interactions with one another and with others…all were spot on and wonderful to read.” ~ Cathy’s World 


    • Booklist Review: Call to Honor “Reminiscent of Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters series, Weber’s latest will appeal to her fans as well as other military-romance readers. Diego personifies the honor and strength of a SEAL warrior in a good read with an engaging heroine and child.”  ~ Booklist