Blazing Bedtime Stories III: YOU HAVE TO KISS A LOT OF FROGS

Available in January 2010

Reporter Sebastian Lane knows he’s tangled with the wrong woman when she puts a curse on him to lose his sexual mojo! It’s going to take a real woman to save him.

Luckily, Jordan Olliver has a weakness for Sebastian, warts and all…

“I’m beyond thrilled to be in the BLAZING BEDTIME STORIES III anthology with the amazing Tori Carrington!! You’ll have to check it out – it’ll be in bookstores everywhere in late December.” –Tawny

ISBN-10: 0373795173 ¦ ISBN-13: 978-0373795178


Book Excerpt

“What’s the matter,” she teased. “You didn’t know that was your primary designation at Machismo? Closely followed by Stud King, of course.”

She expected him to laugh. Instead he looked as if she’d punched him in the belly and called him a pansy.

“What?” she asked, her hand on the doorknob. No wonder she always ended up with losers. She obviously didn’t know how to talk with men. “I’m not poking fun at your masculinity or anything.”

He got this weird look on his face. Almost like panic. Then it was replaced by a set, determined expression that sent a trickle of worry down her spine. Kind of like the kind she got when someone told her she couldn’t do something. A look that warned, ‘Oh, yeah? Watch me.’

Brow furrowed, he strode slowly toward her. Jordan didn’t know why, but she suddenly wanted to run. Stupid. She wasn’t afraid of Sebastian Lane. Except…maybe she was a little afraid of that look on his face. And the way her body reacted to it.

Her thighs quivered. Warmth trickled from her suddenly beaded and aching nipples to deep in her belly. She forced herself to keep breathing normally as he stopped just a few inches from her.

Jordan swallowed, looking up to meet Sebastian’s gaze. A wicked glint sparked in his eyes, but beneath it she saw something else. Something edgy. Dangerous. Sexy as hell.

“Is that why you won’t leave, Princess?” he murmured, planting one hand on the wall next to her head and leaning closer, so the warmth of his body wrapped around her like a silken blanket. “You’re wanting to find out for yourself just how studly I am?”

“Yeah, right,” she dismissed, shooting for sardonic. Instead, she sounded breathless and needy. It was hard to care, though, with Sebastian’s mouth just inches from hers. She stared, noting the laugh lines fanning from those hypnotic eyes and the dark whiskers starting to shadow the sharp edge of his jaw.

“Do you listen to the gossip often? All those whispered reports about how I like it in bed? Whether I’m a traditional, missionary style kind of guy? Or if I play on the kinky side?”

“Who whispers,” she said, her eyes locked on his lips. Smooth, full and enticing, they were right there, tempting her to do something stupid. “The talk about you is done in giggles and shouts. And traditional is the last word associated with your preferences.”

“And you’re wondering?”

“Only about your stamina.”

His grin was fast, appreciative and the final straw for Jordan. She couldn’t stop herself. She ran her tongue over her bottom lip. Just the tip of it.

That’s all it took. Sebastian’s eyes went from amused to molten. Then he lowered his head. Excitement did a happy sprint through Jordan’s tummy, her heart keeping pace. Desire, hot, wild and intense flamed through her.


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