Wild Thing Book Cover Wild Thing

Wild Thing, Blazing Bedtime Stories Volume VII

It's "bedtime" and bestselling authors Rhonda Nelson and Tawny Weber have two deliciously wicked tales to tell you!

Just call him Prince Charming ...

Compared to her beautiful siblings, groomer Andrea Tanner always felt like an ugly stepsister. But when she's left tied up and fuming, her prize pooch, Medusa, stolen, Andrea can't help hoping her prince will come.

And he does.

Hunky P.I. Percy Graham arrives in time to save the day -- and to remind her that he hasn't forgotten the naughty night they once shared!

ISBN-10: 0373796927 | ISBN-13: 978-0373796922


Book Excerpt


What the-- A man in Percy's line of work saw a lot of things. At thirty-two, he figured he was well past the age of being shocked.

But-- Holy shit.

He which was the bigger kick to the gut. Seeing Andrea Tanner, the very woman who'd had top billing for three months straight in his most prurient sexual fantasies despite crushing his heart beneath her unknowing stiletto heel.

Or finding her, here, in an upscale doggie beauty parlor. Tied to a chair. Her long, golden-brown curls were a mess, the green bandana tied around her mouth making her hair mushroom around her in an angry halo. Brown eyes, so big and doe-like with their lush fringe of lashes widened in what looked like horror.

Percy's ego, once so strong and healthy, whimpered a little. Clearly this little meeting was a surprise for both of them.

Then he saw the angry red marks on her arms where she'd struggled against the ropes that tied her to the chair. Fury surged, almost knocking him on his ass. Sure, he might have entertained the idea of tying Andrea up himself. But in his dreams, he'd had her permission, they were naked and they took turns. But this? He could see she wasn't hurt. Pissed, but not damaged. Still, whoever did this, he was kicking their ass.

Cocking his head, he did a finger swirl to indicate the room. Was there anyone still here? Andrea shook her head, no. Still, Percy did a quick scan of the room. He looked under tables, inside of cabinets. Assured that nobody else was there, he holstered his gun.

Brow furrowed, he sauntered across the room. He shook his head at the slender figure staring at him through tear drenched eyes. Even wet and filled with angry despair, her brown gaze was compelling. Lushly lashed, meltingly dark and hypnotically expressive.

Her long hair gleamed, damp strands clinging to her flushed face and long, slender neck before cascading over her bare shoulders. The fantasy of that silky hair teasing the hot, slick hardness of his naked body had kept him awake many a night. Long after he'd given up hope of the fantasy ever being a reality.

"Okay, first things first," he said, pulling the bandana out of her mouth. "Are you okay?"

"I'm okay." He's gone.

Before she could say more, he tugged the bandana back into place. Sure, he wanted to know who did this. I'd make kicking their ass easier. But first, he couldn't resist the gift in front of him. A chance to tell Andrea a few things while she was hogtied and gagged. Which was probably the only way he'd get her to listen to him.

"What a surprise," he said, offering his most charming smile. "If it isn't the luscious Andrea Tanner. Didn't we have a date?' Did you forget?' Or, what, you got tied up?"

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