Undercover Operatives

February 2012

My naughty valentine…

Con artist Gabriel Black just got busted. By a babe. Drool-worthy (and clearly sneaky) FBI agent Danita Cruz is forcing Gabriel to choose between hard time and scamming his own family for an undercover sting. Now he has to present Danita to his family as his girlfriend.

And it’s the perfect opportunity to get wickedly even with her….

 But Danita has some tricks of her own, and Gabriel’s control begins slipping away as raw sexual energy takes over. Their sham relationship starts feeling a lot like…well, the real deal. The Big Question is, will overwhelming desire be enough to make a liar go legit?

 Lie with me…

ISBN-10: 0373796706 ¦ ISBN-13: 978-0373796700

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Book Excerpt

     From the look on Blondie’s face, a mix of triumph and absolute confidence that she had his number, she figured she’d won this round.

Which meant she thought he’d lost.

And that wasn’t going to happen.

As much to shake her confidence that she was calling the shots as to throw his brother off track, Gabriel pulled Danita against him.  Her eyes rounded, tossing all the angry barbs his way he knew she was dying to say but couldn’t.

He hadn’t planned to go any further.  But once her curvy body was hot against his, he couldn’t resist.  Their eyes locked on each other, Gabriel lowered his mouth to hers.  Just a soft brush of the lips.  Once, then twice.

If she’d stayed angry—all the away irritated—he’d have let it go at that.  But he saw something deeper in those big blue eyes.  Heated desire, mixed with just enough curiosity to push all his buttons.

He couldn’t resist.

He forgot this was a game of one-upmanship.  He forgot she was trying to con his family.  He even forgot that his brother was standing there.

All he could think about was Danita.  His tongue along the soft cushion of her bottom lip, sipping at the sweet flesh like she was the answer to all his dreams.

The desire in her blue eyes flared.

But she was still playing the game.  He could feel it in the way she held her body, the provocative angle that gave the impression that she was curled into him, while in reality she was holding him back.  Pushing him away.

He slid one finger along her jaw, down the sweet softness of her throat.  And took pleasure in the shudder she couldn’t hold back.

Needing more, needing desperately to push her for more, he took the kiss deeper.  His mouth slid along hers, coaxing and tempting.  After a brief hesitation, her lips softened, her tongue tangled.

Drowning, was all Gabriel could think.  He was drowning in her.  That thought terrified him.  Slowly, reluctantly, he pulled back.  And watched her blue eyes blink the passion away in one sweep of those thick lashes.

In an instant, she went from hot to cold.  From passionate to calculating.

God, what a woman.

Unable to stop his grin from spreading, Gabriel wrapped one arm around her shoulder to keep her close and turned so they faced his brother.

Caleb was watching, one brow arched and a look of amused patience on his face.  Gabriel knew what Danita expected of him.  He thought of that clever FBI trap Hunter had outlined.  He had a pretty good idea of what his family was up to and just what they were risking here.

He quickly calculated the risk of running a con with the odds this high.  With so much at risk.

Then, Blondie’s body warm and soft against his side, he figured what the hell.

“This is Danita,” Gabriel introduced.  “She’s my fiance.”

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