A Sexy Military Novella

Take Valentine’s Day, a wedding and dancing in the moonlight, and what do you get?  A sexy solider home on leave getting crazy over a girl all wrong for him… who feels so right.

Gina Mayes doesn’t know what it is about sexy soldier Rico Santiago that makes her start thinking crazy thoughts.  Hot sex, that she understands. But the need to play house and make his ever-after a happy one? Thats just weird.  But when she finds herself rolling around naked in the garden with him, she has to wonder… Do a by-the-book guy like Rico and a wild girl like her have a shot? Or is it just the aftereffects of one of Cupid’s Valentine arrows?

A sensual novella about a very sexy wedding encounter…





Gina’s gaze wandered past the happily smooching bride and groom to the delicious hunk of a best man. Dark, intense and sexy, his gaze was focused on the happy couple. Except instead of appearing to be overcome with sentiment like she was, Specialist Rico Santiago looked like he was facing a firing squad. All militarily spiffed out in his dress uniform, his sharp jaw was set, his dark brown eyes narrowed. Those intense brows looked as if military discipline were the only think keeping them from furrowing.

Nope, not one ounce of sentiment was anywhere to be seen on that gorgeous face.

But she still couldn’t look away.

Gina had spent the last three years working in an art gallery, honing her eye for beauty. And Sophia’s brother, definitely qualified. Actually, the guy gave the term tall, dark and handsome a sexy zing. The kind that conjured up images of candlelit rooms, throbbing music and oil-slicked bodies. Of soft moans and hard gasps, wet tongues and rough edges.

She let out a shaky breath.

Not her moaning body or wet gasps, of course, Gina mentally amended when Rico gave a slight frown—just in case he’d added mind reading to his arsenal. She knew better than to think she’d be the well-oiled body he’d be sliding over. She was so not Rico’s type.

As if confirming that, Rico gave her a brief glance, then immediately shifted his gaze away.

But not before she’d caught sight of something in those dark eyes. Disapproval, probably. He always looked so uptight when he looked her. Which, since she was best friends with and worked for his sister, could normally be quite a bit. But since he was usually off doing his soldier thing in the army, it was really only a few times a year. Still, that assessing stare a few times a year was enough to give a girl a complex.

She tried to chalk it up to the fact that they were simply different types. She knew she was way too out there for his tastes. Girls like her who were big on self-expression didn’t fit the norm. She got that message a lot. Some guys liked the idea of out there when it came to sex, but out of bed?


That’s what she labeled guys who couldn’t handle her in or out of bed. She was usually able to just laughed it off, telling herself was their problem.

Maybe because it seemed like a major waste of all of her lusty dreams, but she had trouble laughing over Rico’s easy rejection of her. Sure, he might not realize he’d rejected her, but that’s only because she wasn’t stupid enough to give him a chance to. She’d been crushing on the guy for years, but she knew it was pointless. Because under that hard body and gorgeous face was one very uptight guy.

Before she could mull her wasted fantasies any further, Max, the cutie-patootie groom, stopped kissing his beloved bride and the minister introduced them as husband and wife to a sea of applause.

The newly married couple made their way up the glitter heart-strewn carpet that served as the aisle to their garden wedding. As the harpists reached a crescendo, Rico stepped forward to offer Gina his arm.

Swallowing hard, she shifted her bouquet of roses to one hand and tucked her other into the crook of his elbow. Just there, below the strong, rounded hardness of his bicep.

Oh, my, it was hard.

Not your type, not your type, not your type, Gina chanted silently, trying to ignore the little tingles of sexual awareness zinging through her at the feel of his strong, muscular arm pressing against her bare shoulder. His large, oh-baby-so-impressively-large, hand underneath her fingers.


Rico and Gina were first introduced in BREAKING THE RULES and they’re featured again in their friend’s love story; Call to Action


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