Call to Engage

  • The Sassy Bookster Review: CALL TO ENGAGE
    “CALL TO ENGAGE is filled with drama, intrigue, betrayal, passion and emotion, and of course the bonds of brotherhood the team shares which are sure to be tested again and again.” ~ The Sassy Bookster        
  • Splashes Into Books Review: CALL TO ENGAGE
    “An action packed story of a strong team of men striving to uncover treason, betrayal and deception whilst protecting those they love. It is fast paced with strong characters, hot action, uncertainty and plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing in anticipation. The leading ladies all have their own strengths and are ...
  • RT Book Reviews: CALL TO ENGAGE
    “The hot and sexy SEALs of Poseidon Team 7 are back, and Elijah Prescott is heating up the pages this time around.  Elijah is fighting demons from the last mission and carrying some serious baggage from his past.  Pair him against his emotionally damaged but physically strong ex-wife Ava Monroe and you have an explosive ...
  • Renee Entress Review: CALL TO ENGAGE
    “The story has laughs, steam, secrets, and heartbreak. The Poseidon team is searching for the truth.” ~ Renee Entress
  • Reading to Unwind Review: CALL TO ENGAGE
    “I am enjoying reading Tawny Weber books! So far her books have a great story filled with a lot of background and great swoon worthy relationships!!…The chemistry that the author creates with Elijah and Ava is awesome.  It is a second chance romance, but it works for these two!! I am totally swoon worthy over ...
  • Okie Dreams Book Reviews: CALL TO ENGAGE
    “Excellent characterization and a dynamite suspense plot kept me glued to the pages of Call to Engage. I’ve always loved Tawny Weber’s SEAL stories, but with this particular series, she has created a larger than life world that pulls me in more and more with each book she writes. Absolutely loved it and seriously cannot ...
  • Nathan and Heather Review: CALL TO ENGAGE
    “In Call to Engage, Tawny Weber has created a world in which the most heroic among us have the tenderest hearts, even if they do have rippling muscles and chiseled abs. She offers up a delicious romance that makes us laugh nearly as much as it makes us swoon. Mostly, however, she celebrates the men and ...
  • Lynn’s Romance Enthusiast Review: CALL TO ENGAGE
    “The author has an interesting way to grab the reader’s attention.  Left me thinking that I won’t be going anywhere for a while…The author does a great job at weaving Elijah’s two lives seamlessly through the story.  Not sure which one held my attention more.  One had mystery and suspense.  The other was watching a ...
  • Kitty’s Book Spot Review: CALL TO ENGAGE
    “Such an incredible series! This book shows that not only is this series getting hotter, but the author just kicks it up a notch with each story. I felt for the characters in this book. I could tell they needed one another. And…the sparks…. well let’s just say you may want to read this on ...
  • Harlequin Junkies Review: CALL TO ENGAGE
    “Wow, this is a continuation of a fantastic series by Ms. Weber. She has taken her SEALS and done this amazing story line that manages to make you cry, make you smile and make your heart turn inside out. Everything is described in vivid detail, perfectly balanced dialogue and internal thoughts. This story will break ...
  • Fresh Fiction Review: Call to Engage
    “CALL TO ENGAGE is not only the couple’s heart-wrenching story, but also an amazingly well-crafted suspense that had me turning the pages as quickly as I could. I will always love Tawny Weber’s light, sexy, sweet-as-candy stories, but I think she has finally shown to the world she is also a fabulous romantic suspense author, ...
  • Bewitched Bookworms Review: Call to Engage
    “I give Call to Engage a five out of five. Full of action, romance, and emotional insights” ~ Bewitched Bookworms

Call to Honor

  • Thoughts of a Blonde Review: CALL TO HONOR
    “With a story filled with intrigue and passion, Tawny Weber brings us the start of a new SEAL series! Team Poseidon is the best of the best and make for an interesting bunch of guys.” ~ Thoughts of a Blonde 
  • Those Crazy Book Chicks Review: Call to Honor
    “Another fantastic military romance by one of the leading voices in military romance.” ~ Those Crazy Book Chicks        Another fantastic military romance by one of the leading voices in military romance. When classified secrets from their last mission are leaked, Diego Torres is determined to clear the name of his team, Poseidon. To do so, he ...
  • The Reading Cafe Review: CALL TO HONOR
    “CALL TO HONOR is a detailed and complex story of romance and suspense. The premise is intelligent, entertaining and creative; the characters are passionate, spirited and intense; the romance is captivating and sensual. Tawny Weber’s CALL TO HONOR is an exciting and tangible start to her military, romantic suspense series.”~ The Reading Cafe
  • The Reading Addict Review: CALL TO HONOR
    “This romantic suspense novel is an exciting introduction to an elite group of Navy SEALs, as tension and heat ramp up with every page.” ~ The Reading Addict
  • The Book Disciple Review: Call To Honor
    “Call to Honor is a romantic suspense revolving around Navy SEALs and treason. The premise is well executed and unique. I read a LOT of military romance, so for me to feel its unique is saying something! … Call to Honor is a fasted paced story that will keep you guessing! … The plot is certainly deep ...
  • Splashes Into Books Review: Call To Honor
    “This is a real page turner. It has great characters together with an intriguing plot which involves hot SEALs, a feisty Mum, traitors to be discovered, a kidnapping, friends and team mates to rely on and a delightful young man, too!”  ~ Splashes Into Books    This is the first in a new series and I really ...
  • Sourpuss Reviews: CALL TO HONOR
    “From the flawed, real characters, right down to the suspense of the twists and turns, you won’t know who to trust, or why. CALL TO HONOR was a wonderful read, even if emotionally difficult at times. I know that I for one, am very interested in reading books two and three of Tawny Weber’s SEAL ...
  • RT Book Reviews: CALL TO HONOR
    “This hot and sexy adventure takes readers on a thrilling ride of romance, secrets and SEALs. Diego Torres is driven by loyalty and brotherhood. Harper Maclean is driven by her need to protect her son. Together they make an explosive combination. The story flows nicely with just the right amount of heat to keep things ...
  • Nicole’s Book Musings Review: Call to Honor
    ” You can feel the brotherhood of the SEALs. This one had passion, suspense, and heart that make up the great combination for this story. I was sucked in right from the beginning.” ~ Nicole’s Book Musings
  • Lovey Dovey Books Review: Call to Honor
    “I really loved reading Call to Honor. Tawny Weber is a talented author who knows how to engage her readers and keep them hooked throughout the novel.” ~ Lovey Dovey Books 
  • Lacy’s Love of Literature Review: Call to Honor
    “This book was such a sweet, amazing read. I absolutely adored this story; the main and secondary characters, the storyline, everything about this book was simply amazing.” ~ Lacy’s Love of Literature
  • Harlie’s Books Review: Call to Honor
    “…no one write SEALs better than her. Yes, I put her SEALs up against anyone else. She’s that good.” ~ Harlie’s Book Reviews         Sweet Jesus. I have to admit that I haven’t read Ms. Weber in a while. Somehow she got out my rotation when it comes to Harlequin books. And yes, I forgot how delicious ...
  • Harlequin Junkie Review: Call to Honor
    “This is one of the best novels in a long while. Ms. Weber has begun her new series with an amazing bang. The story’s plot is thicker and more intense than most “romance” novels but it is so encompassing you won’t want to put it down. The players are so well created they could hop ...
  • Fresh Fiction Review: CALL TO HONOR
    “CALL TO HONOR is a tightly plotted story with a few startling turns of events, the characters are all credible and fully fleshed out, the pace never falters; there are some lovely sex scenes, and wonderful moments with Nathan, who is an absolute delight; he’s a real little boy. And I hope we will see ...
  • Cathy’s World Review: CALL TO HONOR
    “Diego was a wonderful book boyfriend and Harper his equal in so many ways. The dilemma they faced, the trust issues that arose, the interactions with one another and with others…all were spot on and wonderful to read.” ~ Cathy’s World 
  • Booklist Review: Call to Honor
    “Reminiscent of Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters series, Weber’s latest will appeal to her fans as well as other military-romance readers. Diego personifies the honor and strength of a SEAL warrior in a good read with an engaging heroine and child.”  ~ Booklist

ALL OUT / One Night with a SEAL

    Night Maneuvers

    • Thoughts of a Blonde Review: Night Maneuvers
      “With this prequel novella, Tawny Weber introduces us to the Poseidon Team of Navy SEALS that will star in her upcoming SEAL Brotherhood trilogy! If you’re familiar with Tawny’s work at all, you’ll know that she writes a sexy military guy quite well! This was a short and easy to read story… the main two ...
    • Harlequin Junkies Review: Night Maneuvers
      “Ms. Weber has hit it out of the park again and while this doesn’t showcase the full extent of her amazing writing it does whet the appetite for what is to come.” ~ Harlequin Junkies 

    A SEAL’s Desire 

    • Thoughts of a Blonde Review: A SEAL’s Desire
      “As the search reveals secrets, and the attraction between the two of them turns explosive, will Laramie decide there’s something about that settling down nonsense that his teammates keep bragging about?  And will Sammi go through with her loveless marriage .. or will she get a better offer?” ~ Thoughts of a Blonde 
    • Harlequin Junkies Review: A SEAL’s Desire
      “A strong Alpha, a woman struggling to life her own life as the story progresses, and a kidnapping thrown in all make for an interesting read.” ~ Harlequin Junkies 
    • Fresh Fiction Review: A SEAL’s Desire
      “Tawny Weber’s latest sexy SEAL is God’s gift to womankind, Cowboy Laramie, whose reputation for sexual prowess precedes him everywhere he goes, but Laramie really a good ole boy at heart. This cowboy is a real charmer, but he’s not arrogant; it’s obvious with his friends and colleagues, and where they share banter that is ...
    • Dandelion’s Inspired Review: A SEAL’s Desire
      “A SEAL’s Desire is not some literary masterpiece to be taught in college courses by any means, however, the author’s writing, language, and characterization pull you in from the first paragraph. This is a novel you will start and finish in one sitting, and will leave you longing for more of Christian and Sammi Jo ...
    • Books & Spoons Review: A SEAL’s Desire
      “The attraction between them is sizzling. Those two together are something else, but it is not only physical attraction. It was being attracted to the other person, their mind, dreams, goals, and wishes for life, who they are, and what they want to accomplish, they genuinely liked and enjoyed each other, that made it adorable. ...

    A SEAL’s Touch

    • Tory Michaels Time Out Review: A SEAL’s Touch
      “Mmm, one of Tawny Weber’s SEALs and the ugly duckling trope. What could be better? Answer – not much. I adore Ms. Weber’s SEAL novels and this was definitely no exception. IMO, regardless of accuracies or inaccuracies (which I wouldn’t recognize if one stood up and bit me), she does a great job honoring the brave ...
    • Thoughts of a Blonde Review: A SEAL’s Touch
      “Another great Uniformly Hot! SEAL to steal our hearts! It is always great seeing the other guys from the team that we’ve met in previous books continuing on with the loves that they have found.” ~ 5 Stars, Thoughts of a Blonde 
    • RT Book Reviews – A SEAL’s Touch
      “The latest addition to the Uniformly Hot! series is a touching take on the friends-to-lovers trope as Taylor and Cat risk their lifelong relationship to realize a deeper, more profound intimacy.”~ 4 Stars – RT Bookclub
    • Harlequin Junkies Review: A SEAL’s Touch
      “The SEAL’s are back and hotter than ever! Ms. Weber has added a new novel to her series that can be read as a stand-alone or part of the series, if you like the hotness read the series! In this novel she exemplifies her ability to get into a characters head with her reader to ...
    • Books and Spoons Review: A SEAL’s Touch
      “Tawny Weber writes delightfully sexy stories, that even though are light and quick to read, are also a joy to read, and often have more to offer than just seductive flirting and scorching romance. The books tell stories that touch my heart, with characters that realize their own strengths and weaknesses, and are doing all ...
    • Book Hoarder Mom Review: A SEAL’s Touch
      “Weber’s writing although quick and pleasurable also has a little more depth than just romps in bed and flirting, while still managing to stay fun despite touching on some more serious topics. It has just the right amount of angst to keep it from being too fluffy while still maintaining that light new romance feel.” ...

    A SEAL’s Temptation

    • What I’m Reading Review: A SEAL’s Temptation
      “I was laughing out loud as I read this story.” ~What I’m Reading
    • Thoughts At One In The Morning Review: A SEAL’s Temptation
      “A SEAL’s Temptation is a wonderful addition to the series. Tawny Weber always creates such unique characters with just the right amount of flaws and enough strength to make it through.” ~ Thoughts At One In The Morning
    • Okie Dreams Book Reviews: A SEAL’s Temptation
      “If you love your romance with sexy heated fun and your hero and heroine with some fun, quirky, well-meaning friends and family, A SEAL’s Temptation by Tawny Weber is a fantastic category romance read sure to make you a dedicated fan of the author”~Okie Dreams Book Reviews   –Also mentioned in this review– “I really loved this read. ...
    • Morgan’s Musings Reviews: A SEAL’s Temptation
      “When you are looking for a “hot” SEAL story, you will not be disappointed in the Uniformly Hot SEAL’s series by Tawny Weber. Her SEALs are all alpha.”~ Morgan’s Musings
    • Harlequin Junkies Review: A SEAL’s Temptation
      “Her SEALs are hot! Their worlds are amazing and you are going to want to read them all anyway. She has a way of drawing you into the world of the characters, making them relatable to the every day person, with flaws and realistic tendencies that have you connecting with them. Her plot lines flow ...
    • Fresh Fiction Review: A SEAL’s Temptation
      “A SEAL’S TEMPTATION is a fresh and sexy romance with deeper undertones as Lark and Shane must face some of their personal issues. Ms. Weber’s writing is better than ever, and the dialogue and banter between the characters are even stronger than before, which is saying a lot because it has always been Tawny Weber’s ...
    • Cuddles Please Review: A SEAL’s Temptation
      “Tawny Weber is the Master Blaster of authors when it comes to writing poignant yet hot, steamy novels where the SEALs are sexy but Family comes first.”~ Cuddles Please
    • Contemporary Romance Reviews: A SEAL’s Temptation
      “This is such a fantastic story.  The chemistry between Shane and Lark could set the pages burning but it is emotional as well as fun” ~ Contemporary Romance Reviews
    • Confessions of a Bibliophile Review: A SEAL’s Temptation
      “Was a quick, sweet read! Weber had my attention from page one to the very end. The mix of Navy SEAL and a rather unique bakery had me from the get-go. The way that Weber developed her characters’ emotions definitely sealed the deal…The way that Weber developed them in a real life manner was fantastic. Weber ...
    • Books I love a Latte Review: A SEAL’s Temptation
      “When you read a Tawny Weber book you expect romance, secrets and mayhem from sexy Navy SEALs. As well as a story line that excites and satisfies you in every way. You may also find yourself craving a few sweet baked goods too. Be sure to indulge in something sinful before you sit down to ...
    • Books & Spoons Review: A SEAL’s Temptation
      “Energetic, delightful, and spicy romance, in a midst of a family drama, SEAL brotherhood, aphrodisiac pastries, and pottery make it pure lively entertainment.” ~Books & Spoons
    • Bodice Rippers Review: A SEAL’s Temptation
      “This is one of those series that is unapologetically sexy, It just feels like Tawny Weber takes fiendish delight in making us drool.” ~ Bodice Rippers 
    • Affaire de Coeur Review: A SEAL’s Temptation
      “Tawny Weber pens a tale with uncommon depth. Her heroine has issues to process, and readers are right there as she does it. Shane is an excellent hero, and his flaws are right there along with his heroic qualities.” 4 1/2 Stars Affaire de Coeur Magazine
    • A Chick Who Reads Review: A SEAL’s Temptation
      “Tawny Weber’s Uniformly Hot series of sexy SEALs never fails to disappoint.” ~ A Chick Who Reads 

    A SEAL’s Pleasure

    • Thoughts At One In The Morning: A SEAL’s Pleasure Review
      “I have an intense adoration for the Uniformly Hot SEALs books from Tawny Weber. Like complete, total adoration. I literally make grabby hands when it comes to these books, and with good reason. Every one has amazing characters that have a way about them that sets them apart from the typical romance novel character. A ...
    • Southern Yankee Book Reviews: A SEAL’s Temptation
      “This is a great read and will have you sweating and fanning yourself. So, so, so good! I loved it!!! But, how can you not love a hot, alpha SEAL with a gentle heart?”~Southern Yankee Book Reviews
    • Sassy Mom Says Read Romance: A SEAL’s Pleasure Review
      “It is easy to see in the way that Tawny has progressed with this series why she is a NY Times best selling author. I look forward to the next book that she has to share with us in this SEAL series. I give this book 5 sloppy kisses…” ~ Sassy Mom Says Read Romance
    • Romance Junkies Review: A SEAL’s Pleasure
      “A sexy tale, A SEAL’S PLEASURE, the latest book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Tawny Weber’s SEXY SEALS series, is a witty, sensual, contemporary romance that will have readers avidly turning the pages. Gabriel and Tessa are perfectly matched and the sparks fly whenever they are near each other. Getting the ...
    • Romance at Random Review: A SEAL’s Pleasure
      “Tawny Weber has a gift when it comes to writing about hot SEALs and the woman they fall for. A SEAL’s PLEASURE picks up where A SEAL’s Secret ends and boy does Weber not disappoint. I loved the banter and the amazing journey Weber takes them on to finding their happily ever after together. Gabriel “Romeo” ...
    • Lush Book Reviews: A SEAL’s Pleasure
      “Tawny Weber has a gift when it comes to writing about hot SEALs and the woman they fall for. A SEAL’s Pleasure picks up where A SEAL’s Secret ends and boy does Weber not disappoint. I loved the banter and the amazing journey Weber takes them on to finding their happily ever after together.” ~ ...
    • Harlequin Junkies Review: A SEAL’s Pleasure
      “A SEAL’s Pleasure by Tawny Weber is one heck of a novel. The dialogue between Angel and Romeo is so witty, so catchy and just so believable it’s great. Where I normally go into Ms. Weber’s novels expecting to be wowed I was completely blown away by her writing in this story. For me one ...
    • Fresh Fiction Review: A SEAL’s Pleasure
      “A SEAL’S PLEASURE feels like the first day of spring: bright and invigorating! The latest instalment in Ms. Weber’s long-running SEAL series is much lighter in tone than the more recent books, which featured darker content. A SEAL’S PLEASURE is bright and airy, vibrant and lively. Ms. Weber’s sense of humour makes a comeback in ...
    • Books I Love A Latte Review: A SEAL’s Pleasure
      “A SEALs Pleasure by Tawny Weber will take your breath away. This decadently sinful delight is another H-O-T book that turns up the heat just like all the previous SEALs books. Absolutely every book I’ve read by Tawny has been perfection and this book is no exception. A little bit of games, romance, secret missions ...
    • (un)Conventional Reviews: A SEALs Pleasure
      “Fun, flirty and sexy, A SEAL’s Pleasure was a whirlwind of emotions.” ~ (un)Conventional Reviews

    A SEAL’s Secret

    • We Read Romance Review: A SEAL’s Secret
      “Super sexy, interesting, perfectly written…all words I’d use to describe A SEAL’s Secret by Tawny Weber!  As far as I’m concerned, this was not your average Harlequin Blaze. The characters were well thought out, the plot interesting, and the characters weren’t average.” ~ We Read Romance 
    • Romance Junkies Review: A SEAL’s Secret
      “With A SEAL’S SECRET, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Tawny Weber has penned another fabulously sassy, sexy contemporary romance that readers are sure to adore. I enjoyed watching the blistering passion between Mitch and Livi slowly evolve into love. They are a perfect match and the chemistry between them is explosive. The ...
    • Review for A SEAL’s Secret
      “Tawny Weber brings us a steamy novel filled with muscles, sex and complications. A SEAL’S SECRET is a story about life choices and the consequences we live with from those choices. Olivia and Mitch are strong characters, both physically and personally. They are surrounded by several supporting characters that help to move the plot along, ...
    • ParaJunkees Views Review: A SEAL’s Secret
      “Review: A fitness guru dresses in a Twinkie costume and wins a push-up contest against a Navy SEAL – which leads to a sexy romantic interlude and some angst of epic proportions. Yes. Please. This about sums up what you get from Tawny Weber. It’s fun. It’s sexy. It’s military romance at it’s finest. SEALs who ...
    • Literary Nook Review: A SEAL’s Secret
      “I really enjoyed this story. Ms. Weber has a unique way of capturing her audience and keeping them interested throughout the book. I was always aware of what the characters were feeling which, in my opinion, makes the story more real. This is one you can’t miss!” ~ Literary Nook
    • Harlequin Junkies Review: A SEAL’s Secret
      “This is another in the SEAL series by Tawny Weber and certainly shows why some things should stay on a need to know basis and we ALL need to know. Irish is hot and has the hot temper when things reach a boiling point. Livi is so complex and well written you will think she ...
    • Fresh Fiction Review: A SEAL’s Secret
      “A SEAL’S SECRET is captivating, compelling and very sensual. A SEAL’S SECRET is a truly exceptional book, Tawny Weber’s best ever; she has pushed her boundaries as I never thought possible; I feel it might be just the beginning of something quite extraordinary.”~ Fresh Fiction Review continued…  “A SEAL’S SECRET is very different from Ms. Weber’s two ...
    • Adria’s Romance Reviews: A SEAL’s Secret
      “Tawny Weber’s SEALs are in a class all their own. Driven, determined and drop dead sexy, every time I pick up one of her books, I know it’s going to be fun.” ~ Adria’s Romance Reviews
    • A Chick Who Reads Review: A SEAL’s Secret
      “Tawny Weber knows how to write a hot steamy military romance. This story is no different. Mitch and Livi are similar and yet very different. A SEAL’s Secret is her 6th book in the Uniformly Hot series, and if you love military romance, you’ll want to read all of them.”~   A Chick Who Reads
    • (un)Conventional Book Reviews: A SEAL’s Secret
      “Hotness galore, romance, strong characters and important choices — A SEAL’s Secret has it all!” and “If you’re looking for a quick, sexy read that has some great characters worth getting to know, A SEAL’s Secret is the  perfect book for you.” ~ (un)Conventional Book Reviews 

    Christmas with a SEAL

    • Fresh Fiction Review: Christmas with a SEAL
      “Beautiful and Touching: How a Broken Man Gets his First Real Christmas:  I like the direction in which Ms. Weber SEALs series has been going in the past few books. Far from being angsty and dark, the author delves more into the characters’ psyches and I think it adds to the romance, making it more ...
    • Confessions of a Bibliophile Review: Christmas with a SEAL
      “What a fantastically festive and romantically infused story. Weber steps quietly to the background in this one and allows her story to take readers for a ride. I appreciate the way that her writing style shifts minutely depending on which character she is talking about at the time. You can really feel their personalities. At ...
    • Christmas With A SEAL Review: That Ginger Girl Reads
      “Tawny Weber crafted another amazing story that I couldn’t put down… That’s the talent of Tawny Weber. She has the ability to draw you into her books and you’re held captive until the last page.” ~ That Ginger Girl Reads 
    • Bodice Rippers Review: Christmas with a SEAL
      “Fun, Fun, Fun!! Watching Philip unwind and Frankie unwrap.. Another hit with Ms. Weber’s SEALS.. This book entertains!! It doesn’t make you think, doesn’t make you obsess over character bloodlines and plot twists. It doesn’t make you cringe or keep you on the edge of your seat. It just entertains! And honestly, sometimes that’s the ...

    A SEAL’s Fantasy

    • A SEAL’s Fantasy: That Ginger Girl Reads review
      “A SEAL’s Fantasy was so good. I haven’t read a book of Tawny’s that I haven’t loved yet, and this one is definitely at the top of my “omg I love it” list.” ~ That Ginger Girl Reads
    • A SEAL’s Fantasy: Fresh Fiction Review
      “The story is well constructed, solid, believable, very deftly written, featuring the author’s trademark humour, and the dialogue is spot-on…Tawny Weber remains THE class act when it comes to contemporary romance.” ~ Fresh Fiction
    • A SEAL’s Fantasy Romance Junkies Review
      “Sizzling hot, A SEAL’S FANTASY, the latest book in New York Times bestselling author Tawny Weber’s UNIFORMLY HOT SEALS series, is an adrenaline-packed, sensual contemporary romance that heats up the pages…I am a huge fan of Ms. Weber’s works, especially her Navy SEAL stories. This one, in particular, will keep readers glued to the pages ...
    • A SEAL’s Fantasy Review: Ramblings From This Chick
      “A SEAL’s Fantasy is all about the romance. From the first spark of attraction to the magic of sex and falling in love, romance is the focus. While neither character is looking for love, they do find it, but will they ever acknowledge their feelings or will they just go their separate ways? That’s the ...
    • A SEAL’s Fantasy Review: LASR
      “If this book had a play list The Doors “I Love You, Won’t you Tell Me Your Name” would have to be at the top. That’s how perfect the chemistry was between Dominic and Lara. They locked eyes and that’s all it took. Of course, it’s a lot more complicated than that… A wonderful story ...
    • A SEAL’s Fantasy Review: Harlequin Junkies
      “Ms. Weber has done it again in the 5th installment of her SEAL’s series we are blown out of the water with a lady’s man who has finally met his match. As always her characters leap of the page and into real life. While they are flawed, they are real and make you really want ...

    A SEAL’s Kiss

    • Tome Tender Review: A SEAL’s Kiss
      “Tawny Weber has done herself proud with this truly romantic tale of two people who try to deny their attraction to each other until their chemistry ignites a passion that neither has known before. She has created a two unique characters, one warm romance and scenes that run the gamut from funny to sigh-worthy and ...
    • Review -A SEAL’s Kiss
      “On the one hand, this is a quirky, amusing story of the pit even a simple lie can dig. On the other hand, though, it delves into the struggles of handling a sick parent as well as how important it is to find someone who understand you even when you might not understand yourself. So, I’d ...
    • Reader to Reader Review: A SEAL’s Kiss
      “Weber’s formula for hometown romance never fails to delight. The characters, the plot and the writing combine to deliver all the warmth and humor of a clever Valentine.” ~ Reader to Reader 
    • A SEAL’s Kiss Review: Romance Junkies
      “A very sexy tale, A SEAL’S KISS, the fourth book in USA Today bestselling author Tawny Weber’s SEXY SEALS series, is a witty, sensual contemporary romance.” ~ 5 Blue Ribbons: Romance Junkies Reviews 
    • A SEAL’s Kiss Review: Long and Short Reviews
      “Curling up with a A SEAL’s Kiss in a comfy chair is a perfect way to spend some quality downtime. It’s amusing, hot and engaging, and for me, a one sitting read. I didn’t want to put the book down; I was having fun and didn’t want it to end until I reached the happy ever after. ...
    • A SEAL’s Kiss Review-RT Book Club
      ” When quirky Sage Taylor returns to her hometown with no prospects, she invents a fake engagement to family friend and Navy SEAL Aiden Masters. Aiden seems like the perfect cover since Sage believes he is far away and unable to confirm or deny anything — except that Aiden is home on leave. But a ...

    A SEAL’s Salvation

    • Romance Junkies Review- A SEAL’s Salvation
      “Filled with humor, realistic characters, physical and emotional healing, family dynamics, small town issues, romance and a one-of-a-kind love, this story is sure to steal your heart. I am a huge fan of Ms. Weber and her Navy SEALs and eagerly await her next installment to this tantalizing series. If you enjoy stories that quickly ...
    • Parajunkhee Review: A SEAL’s Salvation
       If you are looking for a quick hot read, you can’t go wrong with a Harlequin Blaze book, they are always tightly written, quick romances, with great HEAs.  Author Tawny Weber’s UNIFORMLY HOT series are no different. Weber’s books are always sexy and romantic with just enough angst to get your heart pumping. There were ...
    • Night Owl Reviews: A SEAL’s Salvation
      “Tawny Weber’s A SEAL’s Salvation is a new selection in the Uniformly Hot! Harlequin series and earns its place there with sizzling sex scenes, a blazing hot bad-boy turned decorated hero, and a heroine that finds her own strength while helping our troubled alpha.” ~ Night Owl Reviews
    • Night Owl Reviews – A SEAL’s Salvation
      “Brody and Genna’s romance simmers throughout a well-developed story which I read start to finish in one night. You will fall in love with these characters and feel the burn from the intense passion that surrounds them. Tawny Weber has created an exciting romance with a sexy man in uniform and a woman who loves ...
    • Harlequin Junkies Review: A SEAL’s Salvation
      “Genna and Brody are great together and their sexual appetites are extremely hot. I loved how Genna used baking sweets and treats to soothe her nerves. With Genna and Brody finally being able to support each other, their future together is extremely bright. Overall, a good, solid read.”~ 4 Stars, Harlequin Junkies
    • Fab Review for A SEAL’s Salvation by Tome Tender
      “A SEAL’s Salvation by Tawny Weber is pure reading enjoyment! Her characters are flawed, hopefully one minute, resigned the next, filled with ghosts from the past and dreams for the future that seem unattainable until love joins two halves and creates a formidable “whole.” Ms. Weber has taken a difficult scenario, a wounded and damaged war ...
    • A SEAL’s Salvation: Unconventional Book Reviews
      “A SEAL’s Salvation also has that wonderful hotness I love in books that are filled with chemistry, anticipation and gorgeous characters with big flaws.” ~ Unconventional Book Reviews
    • A SEAL’s Salvation Review: We Love Kink
      If you are looking for a really sweet and endearing love story with some steamy love scenes then this is a must read. I fell in love with the story and I couldn’t put this book down. I read this in an afternoon while neglecting everything else in my house. This book made me smile, ...
    • A SEAL’s Salvation Review: Jackie’s Book World
      “A SEAL’s Salvation was definitely one of my favorite books that I read this month, the characters were very likable and the plot was really good. Tawny Weber does an amazing job creating the perfect bad boy/incredibly hot SEAL. I found myself unable to stop reading the book, it was intrigued and full of sizzling moments.” ...
    • A SEAL’s Salvation Review: Affair De Coeur
      “Tawny Weber’s latest effectively combines unique pacing and sizzling sexual tension.” ~ Affair De Coeur
    • A SEAL’s Salvation -Long and Short Reviews
      A SEAL’s Salvation is a smoking hot fast read that’s sure to please. I read it in one sitting all due to the fact that Genna and Brody were compelling characters. I liked their history, their journey and the promise of a happy ever after future. This book embodies what I enjoy about reading romance and ...
    • A SEAL’s Salvation – Tales to Tide You Over Review
      “My first thought when finishing this powerful and compelling read was simply: “Wow.” This novel illustrates just how one can stay within the genre and still deliver a deep, intriguing, complicated story with bigger implications…” ~ Tales to Tide You Over

    Naughty Christmas Nights

    • Naughty Christmas Nights LASR Review
      “Naughty Christmas Nights is a cute, sassy and entertaining story. The romance is solid, Gage and Hailey were fun to get to know and the conflict was light yet effective. This is the kind of book that’s easy to read, delivers plenty of smiles and laughs and makes a person feel good after reading it.Naughty Christmas ...


    • FEARLESS’ First Review. A Top Pick.
      “I loved this novella. The beginning scenes involving the four women laughing and sharing, reminded me of the very successful Sex and the City TV series. So right off the bat, I knew I was going to enjoy this book very much. This short story is well written and the characters are extremely likeable. I ...
    • Fearless – Harlequin Junkies Review
      5 Star, TOP PICK   “I loved this novella. The beginning scenes involving the four women laughing and sharing, reminded me of the very successful Sex and the City TV series. So right off the bat, I knew I was going to enjoy this book very much. This short story is well written and the ...

    Midnight Special

    • Midnight Special Review – Romance Junkies
      “Deliciously sensual, MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, the latest book in Harlequin Blaze’s WRONG BED series, is a humorous and scorching hot contemporary romance. Penned by USA Today bestselling author Tawny Weber, known for her hot, sassy romances, this story will keep you riveted late into the night and I can assure you the loss of sleep is ...
    • Midnight Special Review – LASR
      “In Midnight Special a reader gets back-to-back entertainment with a lot of loving, a healthy dose of sexy antics to steam the pages and characters that spark wonderfully off of each other. The conflicts aren’t heavy but are enough to stir the emotions, and the happily ever afters deliver what romance readers expect. It’s an all-around fun ...
    • Midnight Special – Night Owl Reviews
      Unique, exciting, & sexy! Midnight Special by Tawny Weber is as witty as it is charming! “Midnight Special is a great blend of passion and adventure with a dash of throw back to the good ol’ days of a past era. The perfect blend of, well, everything a reader wants in a romance. Ms. Weber, you’ve ...

    A SEALs Surrender

    • A SEAL’s Surrender Top Pick Review
      “Tawny Weber gives readers everything they want! Heart thumping romance with a side order of family drama and a dollop of humor makes a perfect recipe or in this case a perfect Tawny Weber romance. I don’t know how she does it, but Ms. Weber creates stories with characters I relate to time and time ...
    • A SEAL’s Surrender Review: Romance Junkies
      “I love a good “friends to lovers” story and A SEAL’s Surrender is just that. There is something very satisfying seeing such a relationship grow and knowing that it is a fantasy come to life for those involved. Cade and Eden brought out the best in each others character and that made it possible for ...
    • A SEAL’s Surrender Review – Romance Reviews Today
      “A fun, sexy tale that will have you laughing at Eden’s antics as well as fantasizing about what it would be like to have Cade all to yourself, A SEAL’S SURRENDER is a sizzling hit.” Romance Reviews Today    
    • A Fabulous review for A SEAL’s Surrender
      “Brimming with emotion, relatable characters, loads of chemistry, loss, healing, witty banter, small town dynamics, romance, love and laughter, this is a delightfully heart-filled story that will captivate you from the very beginning.  If you are looking for a sexy, sassy romance with plenty of attitude, look no further than author Tawny Weber. Her newest book, A SEAL’S ...

    A SEALs Seduction

    • ASS1 – RT
      Fiery hot sex scenes, strong characters and exciting action make this one of the best stories in the Uniformly Hot! series — and one of the best Blaze reads in a while.” 4 1/2 Stars TOP PICK, RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Winner RT BookReviews         “A SEAL’S SEDUCTION (4.5) by Tawny Weber: While on two weeks of R&R, Navy ...
    • A SEAL’s Seduction Review – Romance Junkies
      A titillating read, A SEAL’S SEDUCTION, written by talented author Tawny Weber for Harlequin’s UNIFORMLY HOT series, is a witty, sizzling hot contemporary romance that is sure to turn up the heat. Known for her sexy, sassy romances with attitude, Ms. Weber definitely does not disappoint with this one. ~ Romance Junkies

    Nice & Naughty

    • NN – Night Owl
      “This was a great contemporary holiday romance with memorable characters. I look forward to more books by Tawny Weber.” — 4 Stars, Night Owl Reviews
    • NN – FF
      “This tale by Tawny Weber does not take itself too seriously and the cat Persephone is a great character, causing endless mayhem and distracting us from the serious matters in the sub-plots. Two young people with interesting lives are pushed together and we hope it won’t be just for Christmas.” — Fresh Fiction

    Sugar and Spice: A Karma Cafe Novella

    • KCSS – RJ
      “A fun, sexy read, SUGAR AND SPICE, the first novella in talented author Tawny Weber’ KARMA CAFÉ series, is a witty, sensual contemporary story. A great afternoon’s escape, it is sure to leave you with a smile on your face. The dynamics between the Karmanski women is insightful. Packed with sexy shoes, hot kisses, humor, ...
    • KCSS – Book Savvy
      This is short, delicious read. It features a hot romance, delicious desserts and lovely ending. What more could you ask for (besides a sequel)? Sugar & Spice is a fun way to spend an hour.” — 4 Stars, Book Savvy Reviews

    Wild Thing : Blazing Bedtime Stories, Vol VII

    • Wild Thing: Fresh Fiction Review
      “WILD THING is a fast and delicious read. The characters are captivating and enchanting. You find yourself rooting for them, in finding the man responsible for hurting Andrea and stealing her customers prized pooch, to them finding love and comfort with one another. It was a sweet and charming read. It was another winner from ...
    • Wild Thing Review: Romance Junkies
      “Author Tawny Weber is known for her hot, sassy romances and this one is no exception. With attitude, passion, suspense and romance, this story is brought to life right before your eyes. WILD THING is a delightfully sensual romance that will turn first time readers of Ms. Weber’s work into fans — 5 ...
    • Wild Thing Review: LASR
      “Wild Thing ended as it began, with a grin. Ms. Weber consistently shares her sense of humor with readers through the antics of her characters and she’s succeeded again. I was thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. ” — Long and Short Reviews

    Sex, Lies and Valentines

    • Sex, Lies and Valentines: Romance Junkies Review
      “Blistering hot, SEX, LIES AND VALENTINES, the third book and final book in gifted author Tawny Weber’s UNDERCOVER OPERATIVE series, is a witty, sensual contemporary romantic suspense that readers will find impossible to put down until they reach the delightful ending.” — 5 Blue Ribbons Romance Junkies
    • Sex, Lies and Valentines: Night Owl Reviews
      Ms. Tawny writes with such a grace and elegant manner that the words flow as if written by a master. I love her ability to craft a sentence is such a way that you want to re-read it not for clarity, but just to enjoy her spin on the English language. Not many writers have ...

    Sex, Lies and Midnight

    • Sex, Lies and Midnight Review: Romancing Rakes
      “Oh that Tawny Weber is quite the writer. Another super sexy read!” —Romancing Rakes
    • Sex, Lies and Midnight Review: LASR
      “Sex, Lies and Midnight is sheer fun with a delightful mix of love, humor and drama… Ms. Weber has created a fascinating dysfunctional family and I love how she’s orchestrating their reunions with that mysterious criminal story arc. Sex, Lies and Midnight is pure entertainment that ends with a smile.” — 5 Stars, Long and ...

    Sex, Lies and Mistletoe

      “Forget the hot chocolate, the wool socks and the space heater — Tawny Weber’s Sex, Lies and Mistletoe will keep you plenty warm this season!” —USA Today
    • Long and Short Reviews: SEX, LIES AND MISTLETOE
      “The first chapter promises what the rest of the book delivers laughs, embarrassing moments for both heroine and hero, a mystery slowly unfolding and two unlikely people falling in love despite the suspicions that surround them. There’s not a slow moment in the entire book. Sex, Lies and Mistletoe entertains and amuses in every ...
    • Great review for SEX, LIES and MISTLETOE
      “A fast-paced read, SEX, LIES AND MISTLETOE, the first book in talented author Tawny Weber’s new UNDERCOVER OPERATIVES series, is a sizzling hot contemporary romance, which I read in one sitting.” —Romance Junkies

    Just For The Night

    • Romance Junkies review of JUST FOR THE NIGHT
      “Deliciously blending sexual tension, heartfelt emotions, misunderstandings, humor, competition and love, talented author Tawny Weber has penned a story you do not want to miss!” — Romance Junkies
    • Review: Eye On Romance
      “Weber uses every word and every page effectively and efficiently to explore the myriad of emotions that this couple share, from love and anger to regret and forgiveness. Just for the Night is a terrific character driven romance, well worth a spot on your ‘must read’ list.” –Eye On Romance
    • Review: CataRomance
      “You can’t help but love the way that Tawny Weber writes. She give us realistic characters facing real issues and puts them in intriguing situations.” –CataRomance
    • Review: The Long and Short of It
      “JUST FOR THE NIGHT is a romance with humorous zing spiced with delicious heat and heartfelt emotions.” —Long and Short Reviews

    Breaking the Rules

    • Breaking the Rules: LASR
      “Breaking the Rules is total romantic entertainment with a hero and heroine I really enjoyed getting to know. I don’t think Ms. Weber missed a trick in bringing her characters to life for her readers and I had a great time. Who knew an art gallery could be so chaotic and fun?” — 5 Books, ...
    • Breaking the Rules Review: Top Romance Reviews
      “This is definitely not a story for the prim and proper. But if you love a good sexy romp with lots of heavy language to keep your libido floating, this is the one for you. A fun read that has simple yet great characters.” — Top Romance Reviews
    • Breaking the Rules Review: Night Owl Reviews
      “The story was so hot I could swear I saw steam rising off the pages as I was reading it. The author’s characters were easy to fall in love with and I couldn’t help but get lost in this book for a few hours. If you’re looking for great read that will warm you ...

    Babe in Toyland: Must Have Been the Mistletoe

    • BABE review
      “BABE IN TOYLAND delivers a stunning performance that completely satisfies.” — Melissa Kammer
    • Babe in Toyland Review: Sia
      “I’ve read all of Tawny’s books. I look forward to each one because I’m always guaranteed a fun and satisfying read. Her characters are well crafted, smart, and sexy, her world is everyday situations with a zing. A Tawny Weber book is filled with delicious flirtation and sexy fun and lots of laughter. And just ...
    • Babe in Toyland Review: Romance Dish
      “Tawny Weber once again gifts us with a sexy, sizzling romance filled with heat, humor and heart. I thoroughly enjoyed “A Babe in Toyland!” – The Romance Dish

    Riding The Waves

    • Riding the Waves: Pink Heart review
      “Ms. Weber excels at is the chemistry between her characters and Alex and Dru are no different…One thing’s for sure, Ms. Weber creates a memorable sexy read with these two wonderful characters.”– Pink Heart Society Reviews
    • First Review for RIDING THE WAVES
      “What a fun story, smooth, easy to read, and lots of laugh out loud moments. Oh, and add two characters that generate enough heat between them no wonder there’s global warming.” —Night Owl Reviews

    You Have To Kiss a Lot of Frogs: BBSIII

    • Frogs: Pink Heart
      “Ms. Weber crafts another sexy page turner with YOU HAVE TO KISS A LOT OF FROGS.” — Pink Heart Society Reviews
    • Frogs: CoffeeTime
      “The author choreographed a beautiful love story with just a tinge of the paranormal… You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs is one story that keeps a girl dreaming of forever after; don’t miss out on your chase to find a prince.”– 5 Cups, CoffeeTime Romance
    • Frogs Review
      “Weber’s curious story is very sexy and emotional.” — RT Book Club

    Feels Like the First Time

    • Review: Noveltalk
      “Ms. Weber has once again crafted an alluring romance and a fabulous read. FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME ignites a well-fed fire, and the heat just keeps us coming back for more.” –NovelTalk
    • FLFT: Review
      “Feels Like the First Time is scandalous fun for the voracious reader. The story moves quickly, smoothly, and with enough heat to burn your fingers as you turn the pages.”– A Romance Review

    Going Down Hard

    • GDH: RomRev
      “Scintillating suspense and a couple not looking for romance but finding one-highlight GOING DOWN HARD. Even as readers fan themselves over the scorching love scenes, one will be trying to piece together the clues as to who the bad guy is” — Romance Reviews Today
    • GDH Review: RT
      “Very sexy, and with a good mystery and well-explored characters, this is another winner.”– 4 1/2 Stars, RT Book Club
    • GDH – CoffeeTime
      “Ms Weber has given us a book of excellent balance between intrigue, fear and a masterful use of sexuality that left this reviewer hot under the collar.”–5 Cups, CoffeeTime Romance

    Coming On Strong

    • COS Reviews: RT
      “Sexy and sassy, this smooth read has complex characters and simply flies by.”– RT Book Club
    • Coming on Strong : CoffeeTime Romance
      “Packed with everything you could ask for in a book, Coming on Strong is a thrilling read.”– 5 Cups, CoffeeTime Romance

    Risque Business

    • Risque Business: RomRevToday
      “RISQUÉ BUSINESS is a tale of sex versus emotion and is packed with plenty of both” — Romance Reviews Today
    • Risque Business: Fresh Fiction
      “Tawny Weber’s Harlequin Blaze, RISQUE BUSINESS has the right combination of steam, romance, and believable story line.” — Fresh Fiction
    • Risque Business Review: Fallen Angels
      “Tawny Weber has written a delicious and sexy tale about two people who help each other look inside themselves to find the best person they can be… Don’t let Risqué Business pass you by!” Fallen Angel Reviews

    Does She Dare?

    • Review: Romantic Times Magazine
      “DOES SHE DARE, by Tawny Weber…has a dreamy bad-boy hero and a heroine who learns to trust herself.” –Romantic Times Magazine
    • Review: Romance Junkies
      “DOES SHE DARE? is another sinfully spicy and chocolate sweet read by the highly entertaining and creative Tawny Weber. If you love very bad boys and secretly sexy girls in a plot that satisfies all your romance needs than you have to pick up a copy of DOES SHE DARE?” –Romance Junkies
    • Review: Fallen Angel Reviews
      “Does She Dare by Tawny Weber, is a sexy, fun read filled with interesting characters and a plot that holds the reader’s attention…Does She Dare is an excellent read filled with steamy sex scenes that don’t overpower the emotional connection between the characters.” –5 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews
    • Review: Coffee Time Romance
      “Tawny Weber has really fashioned a mesmerizing sexy read. She molds fascinating characters that bring heat to the pages while allowing their fantasies to roam free. Does She Dare is a delight.” –4 Cups, Coffee Time Romance

    Double Dare

    • Review: Writers Unlimited
      “Tawny Weber writes a wonderfully entertaining story filled with humor, intrigue and enough steam to fog your windows up on a cold evening. Are you daring enough to pick up Double Dare? You definitely don’t want to miss it!” –Angela Keck, Writers Unlimited
    • Review: Vicky Lewis Thompson
      “Tawny Weber’s characters generate enough heat to melt the polar ice cap! I double-dare you to pick up this book.” –New York Times Bestseller Vicki Lewis Thompson
    • Review: RT Bookclub
      “Tawny Weber mixes sizzling sex, strong characters and suspense into an exciting, satisfying book.” –4 stars, RT Bookclub
    • Review: Romance Reviews Today
      “A fun, sexy read, be sure to look for DOUBLE DARE.” –Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today
    • Review: Romance Junkies
      “…a sultry tantalizing novel that sparkles with witty naughtiness…” —Romance Junkies
    • Review: Once Upon a Romance
      “Double Dare is about sexual tension and falling in love without even realizing you are doing it. That’s what you want in a romance novel. If you like it hot and steamy this one is for you.” —Once Upon a Romance
    • Review: Night Owl Romance
      “I loved how Ms. Weber entwined plenty of twists and turns of events to keep my mouth watering for more.” –Top Pick, Night Owl Romance
    • Review: Julie Elizabeth Leto
      “Snappy, young and hip, Tawny Weber’s fresh voice pops with energy!” –NY Times bestselling author Julie Elizabeth Leto
    • Review: CataRomance
      “Tawny Weber as a new force in the Blaze lineup. So kick back , relax and grab something cool to drink as you devour the highly recommended Double Dare…” –5 stars, CataRomance