Night Maneuvers Book Cover Night Maneuvers

Within the elite brotherhood of Navy SEALs, the Poseidon team are the very best—and the most secretive. Convincing a naive journalist not to write a tell-all PR feature should be a piece of cake for Chief Petty Officer Aaron Ward. Especially once he glimpses Bryanna Radisson's soft, lush curves. His tactic: seduce and destroy…

Bryanna is no pushover. Aaron's hard-muscled body makes her crave much more than a story, and she'll get what she came for. Desire is her weapon of choice, but when this one wild night is over, will Aaron sabotage her plans…or lose his heart in collateral damage?


Bryanna pursed her lips and blew out a long, slow whistle of appreciation. The man was gorgeous. Tall, dark and handsome didn’t do justice to the power of his looks, the strength of his build or the intensity of his expression.

Simple jeans and a tee did nothing to detract from his power. She was sure he’d command the same attention in a three-piece suit or a Navy uniform. That he was Navy went without saying. From his shorn hair to the way he carried himself, he shouted military. Powerful military.

Was this Chief Petty Officer Ward? she wondered.

Oh please, oh please, oh please, let it be, she chanted under her breath. Her imagination soared at the idea of spending time with this man. Anything from interviewing him to licking her way over his body to having his baby appealed at the moment.



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    “With this prequel novella, Tawny Weber introduces us to the Poseidon Team of Navy SEALS that will star in her upcoming SEAL Brotherhood trilogy! If you’re familiar with Tawny’s work at all, you’ll know that she writes a sexy military guy quite well! This was a short and easy to read story… the main two ...
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    “Ms. Weber has hit it out of the park again and while this doesn’t showcase the full extent of her amazing writing it does whet the appetite for what is to come.” ~ Harlequin Junkies