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Somewhere on the train is a key witness for a crime involving arson, murder and a high-profile businessman. And reporter Marni Clare will do whatever it takes to get the story—even if it means crashing in a sleeper car that’s she’s not sure she’s reserved. But when she wakes, she finds herself curled up with the man she’s seeking...and he’s hot enough to derail all her plans!

FBI special agent Hunter won’t complain about the wickedly hot blonde in his arms. And maybe it’s the medication he’s on, but he’s even agreed to share his room for the entire journey....

It’s a long trip in close quarters, and within days their berth becomes the scene of some steamy railway romps. But is Marni just having fun...or is she taking Hunter for a ride?

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Check out the second story in the Midnight Special 2-in-1

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Book Excerpt

Well this was one hell of a way to wake up.

All traces of sleep, painkillers and whiskey cleared from his head with a blink, Hunter was left with surprise and an overwhelming degree of passion.

Waking up horny was one of the perks of being a guy, like peeing standing up.  But in all his years of appreciating his masculine advantages, Hunter couldn’t recall waking up quite this horny.

Then again, this was the first time he’d ever had a fantasy come to life.

As still as a cat gauging its prey, Hunter inspected the woman next to him.  She looked like a cross between a porcelain doll and a sex kitten.

Flaxen blond curls waved around her face, floating to pale white shoulders.  Her eyes were huge, the color of a cloudless sky and surrounded by a lush fringe of dark lashes.  Heavy with passion, clouded with dazed shock, they had an intelligence in their depths that warned Hunter not to underestimate her.  The rounded cheeks, flushed pink and a cupid’s bow mouth held between her white teeth completed the picture of adorable confusion.

Figuring it was only fair since she’d taken her own visual tour, he shifted back a little to take in the rest of the view.


She was as deliciously curvaceous as she felt.  Perfectly rounded breasts pressed against the glistening satin of her nightgown, her skin so pale it almost glowed in the morning light.  The fabric clung to her, emphasizing her tiny waist before disappearing beneath their shared blankets.

He should get up, give her some space.  But he liked it here.  Liked the warmth still radiating off her lush curves.  Liked to think his large body, his intimidating presence, were putting her on the defensive.

Except she didn’t look very defensive.

Amusement danced in her pale blue eyes.  Her full lips curved now, as if she knew he was trying to intimidate her and wasn’t impressed so far.

Well, then.

Time to be impressive.

Want to read the entire prologue AND first chapter?  Click here...

And you can check out an Exclusive cut epilogue here- this is the part that didn't make it into the final book, but it revisits all of the characters from the Sex and Lies books!  Oh - This is a Red Hot Reader exclusive - so you might have to register if you haven't already 🙂





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