First Available May 2007

Wicked Audra Walker’s old crowd thought she’d turned her back on them and what they liked best-namely hot sex and available men. But they were so wrong.

Wanton And Audra was in the mood to prove it. How? By taking their dare. The challenge? To seduce the very next man through the club door–regardless of who he was.

Wanted What the classy chick at the bar saw in his suspect was anybody’s guess. But undercover cop Jesse Martinez would make it his business to find out. Because no guy–unless he was dead from the neck down–would miss the chance to investigate the curvy brunette, too.

ISBN-10: 0373793286  ISBN-13:  978-0-373-79328-0

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Book Excerpt

Jesse reached for his wallet when a slim hand pressed against his forearm.

     “Let me get that for you.”

     Jesse’s brain, at least the independent gentlemanly part, shut down.  Apparently his vocal cords did too, because he couldn’t say a word.  All he could do was stare.

     Temptation and pure sin, wrapped in black leather.  The still functioning portion of Jesse’s brain cataloged the woman’s features.  Huge doe eyes with a thick fringe of lashes dominated a narrow face.  Shiny red lips looked like she’d just eaten something juicy, tempting him to lean forward for a taste.  Her short hair was jet black, the spiky ends tipped with magenta.  Her body was a teenage boy’s wet dream, all curves and sleek lines.

     But it was her voice that had him in a trance.  It was made for sex.  The husky lisp brought to mind talking dirty in the dark.  And he could tell in that one look, she definitely knew how to talk dirty.

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  • Review: Writers Unlimited
    “Tawny Weber writes a wonderfully entertaining story filled with humor, intrigue and enough steam to fog your windows up on a cold evening. Are you daring enough to pick up Double Dare? You definitely don’t want to miss it!” –Angela Keck, Writers Unlimited
  • Review: Vicky Lewis Thompson
    “Tawny Weber’s characters generate enough heat to melt the polar ice cap! I double-dare you to pick up this book.” –New York Times Bestseller Vicki Lewis Thompson
  • Review: RT Bookclub
    “Tawny Weber mixes sizzling sex, strong characters and suspense into an exciting, satisfying book.” –4 stars, RT Bookclub
  • Review: Romance Reviews Today
    “A fun, sexy read, be sure to look for DOUBLE DARE.” –Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today
  • Review: Romance Junkies
    “…a sultry tantalizing novel that sparkles with witty naughtiness…” —Romance Junkies
  • Review: Once Upon a Romance
    “Double Dare is about sexual tension and falling in love without even realizing you are doing it. That’s what you want in a romance novel. If you like it hot and steamy this one is for you.” —Once Upon a Romance
  • Review: Night Owl Romance
    “I loved how Ms. Weber entwined plenty of twists and turns of events to keep my mouth watering for more.” –Top Pick, Night Owl Romance
  • Review: Julie Elizabeth Leto
    “Snappy, young and hip, Tawny Weber’s fresh voice pops with energy!” –NY Times bestselling author Julie Elizabeth Leto
  • Review: CataRomance
    “Tawny Weber as a new force in the Blaze lineup. So kick back , relax and grab something cool to drink as you devour the highly recommended Double Dare…” –5 stars, CataRomance

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Golden Heart Finalist -Best Short Contemporary First Place 2005 Harlequin Blaze Challenge (previously titled UNDERCOVER SEDUCTION)

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