A Seal's Desire Book Cover A Seal's Desire
June 2016

Subject: Petty Officer Christian "Cowboy" Laramie
Mission: Locate a missing person…without seducing the man's fiancée!

Navy SEAL Christian Laramie knows everything about explosives, including how to avoid them. But he sure as hell isn't prepared for Sammi Jo Wilson—all gorgeous red hair and long-legged sexiness—in a wedding dress, asking him to find her kidnapped fiancé. Yep, he is definitely dealing with one dangerous bombshell…

Laramie has a rep for thoroughly pleasing the ladies, but he's not interested in emotional entanglements. He has rules—and engaged women are a definite no-no. Yet the searing heat between him and Sammi is like nothing he's ever experienced. Each touch gets hotter. Each kiss more intense. And if Laramie can't disarm this desire, it will blow up in the only way possible…in bed!



A rustling came from his left. Rocks clanked together and branches slapped at each other.

Laramie frowned.

It only took him a second to assess the situation. This was a pretty remote place. He was alone. Other than stocking the food supplies, Art didn’t come up here and didn’t expect to hear from him for three weeks. And there was no cell service. On the asset list, he knew there was a shotgun in the cabin and rope in the lean-to. And, of course, his own skills.

Grinning as much in battle anticipation as to welcome the distraction, Laramie dropped into a crouch, his hands fisted and his eyes trained on the rustling bush.

A second later, a five-foot-ten mass in cream satin burst through the foliage.

The sight damn near knocked him on his ass.

Thankfully, he had good balance.

So Laramie was able to straighten and reassess at the same time without losing more than a dozen or so brain cells.

Luckily the brain cells trained to assess and evaluate the female form were still working just fine. The golden complexion lent truth to the fact that the disheveled red hair falling from the knot atop her head to float around her shoulder was natural.

He considered himself an expert on the female form, so he knew his evaluation of her body as damned good was spot on. Broad shoulders rose above lightly muscled arms, and as she straightened to better pull those deep breaths down to her belly, he gave a silent hum of appreciation.

Oh yeah, she had a sweet body. Fabric cupped breasts full enough to fill both his hands, then wrapped snugly around a long torso, slender waist and narrow hips. From there down she was a mystery because of the ocean of material, but based on the facts on hand, Laramie had to believe that the legs would be as much a turn on as the rest of her.

For a brief second, he had to wonder if Art had been more serious than he’d figured about that last suggestion. Laramie wouldn’t put it past him, but he just couldn’t figure where the old man would find a woman this hot to play the part.

Which meant she was probably lost or running from something.

As hard as it was to tear his eyes from the striking face with its razor sharp cheekbones, slashing brows and full lips, Laramie managed to cast his eyes behind her.

He checked the bushes to the left.

He scanned the trees to the right.

His slowed breath quieted his heartbeat. The only sounds around were the light rustling of the wind in the trees and the light panting from the sexy redhead.

Laramie waited another few seconds, his senses attuned for footfalls, engines, anything that’d hint that there were more people around.


So he lifted his Stetson off the branch where he’d hung it, setting it back on his head and angling the brim just so.

And took another look.

This time he grinned.

Under the gloss and glamour, he knew that face.

She liked grape popsicles on hot summer days, preferred crayons to paints and had a penchant for standing up to bullies.

“Hello, Sammi Jo,” he drawled.

“Laramie. Hi.” The bride bent from the waist again with both hands pressed to her belly as she tried to catch her breath. After a couple of attempts, she shrugged as if acknowledging that it just wasn’t going to happen. Instead, she gave him an arch look and said in just as breathless a voice,

“You said you’d help if I ever needed it. Remember? Well, I need your help.”


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