They’re going to have a hot, hot Christmas

Rita Mae Cole and Tyler Ramsey hail from feuding families. Be together? Impossible. But the incredible sex between them says otherwise…







ISBN-10: 0373795831 ¦ ISBN-13: 978-0373795833

Book excerpt

This was what drowning in lust must feel like.  Waves of passion poured over her, overwhelming Rita’s senses with excitement.  She tried to catch her breath, but her mouth was too busy playing slippery-slide against a pair of deliciously erotic lips.

Her body melted as molten heat swirled.  Jelly-like, her legs buckled.  Rita had never had a kiss like this.  Never.  A single hands-free, fully-dressed kiss and she could taste the edge of a hot, wild orgasm.

Wanting–needing–more, she pressed tight against the hard, well-sculpted chest and moaned.

It wasn’t until someone tugged at her arm that she realized she’d lost her mind.  Kissing a total stranger.  At work.  Insane.  Barely cognizant of the whoops and whistles, Rita slowly pulled back to stare up into blue eyes she recognized from her naughtiest secret dreams.

Tyler?  Tyler Ramsey?  No way.  Had Santa come early?

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