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    9780373798476May 2015
    A SEAL's Secret coverFeb 2015
    Christmas with a SEAL coverNov 2014
    A-SEAL-s-Fantasy Sept 2014

    “I don’t need a man, especially a bossy one with a super hero complex. But Dominic Castillo? Him, I want.”~~Lara Banks

    New Witch CoverApril 2014

    “Witches and mortals don’t mix, I learned that the hard way. So why can’t I resist Gideon Ross?”~~Miki Lansing

    A SEALs Kiss April 2014

    “Poor Aiden. He’s setting up all these rules to keep our fake engagement safe. Good thing SEALs always plan for dangerous contingencies.” ~~Sage Taylor

    NaughtyVegasNights w:NYMarch 2014

    If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, I might as well enjoy the sexiest reunion of my life.”~~Natasha Stover

    A SEAL's Salvation goodreads coverFebruary 2014

    “Brody Lane, the sexiest bad boy to ever grace my fantasies. A Navy SEAL, hero and home again… Oh, my.” ~~Genna Reilly

    NCNDecember 2013

    “Look, I’m all about Christmas, but doing the Grinch might be taking the holiday spirit a little too far. Then again, he’s the hottest guy in a Grinch suit I’ve ever seen…”  ~~Hailey North

    CoverFinalLG-NewSweetNothingsDecember 2013

    The runaway heiress is definitely off limits. So why can’t I keep my hands off her? It’s like a spell…” Jacob Carlisle

    Fearless CoverSeptember 2013

    “Hottie Luke Monroe is my fantasy guy. I’ve got a makeover, a trip to Vegas and a blindfold…Let’s see if he can handle my fantasy weekend, too.” ~~Gia Reynard

    midnight special May 2013

    “Mmm, FBI Special Agent Hunter is a special kind of sexy. But as much as I want him, I want this story more. The question is, can I keep my priorities straight?” ~~Marni Clare

    A SEALs Surrender March 2013

    “Have you ever had a dream guy? Cade Sullivan is mine. As far back as I remember, I’ve loved him.” ~~Eden Gillespie

     February 2013

    “A guy like Blake Landon? Totally off-limits. Except my heart doesn’t follow the rules…” ~~ Alexia Pierce

     December 2012

    “Small towns, hot women and cats. There’s only one of those that appeals to me. But somehow… I’m in it for the whole deal.”
    ~~ Diego Salvador

    NewSugarAndSpice October 2012

    “I don’t think I’d ever have had the nerve to seduce my sexy boss, Paul Chastain, if not for a little magical help.”
    ~~ Dedra Hanson

    Wild Thing June 2012

    “Seriously? I’m tied to a chair, looking my worst and worried about my prize dog. And who should come to my rescue but the hottest, sexiest man I ever ran away from. How unfair is that?!”
    ~~Andrea Tanner

    Sex, Lies and Valentines February 2012

    “Gabriel Black is a con artist, a wicked charmer and all-round bad news. But he’s also a man who loves his family and makes me feel incredible. Maybe that’s why I can’t resist him.”
    ~~Danita Cruz

    Sex, Lies and Midnight January 2012

    “I brought Simon Barton home with me to distract my family. Who knew he’d become such a distraction for my heart?”
    ~~Maya Black

    Sex, Lies and Mistletoe December 2011

    “Okay, fine. I can handle turning around a failing business and serving aphrodisiac-laced treats in my new cafe. What I’m not sure I can handle? One very hot, sexy and very intimidating Caleb Black.”
    ~~Pandora Easton


    Just For The Night May 2011

    “Finally! I get to turn all of my romantic dreams into the perfect career. There is only one thing standing in my way. My very tempting, very sexy, very commitment-phobic ex.”
    ~~Larissa Zahn

    Breaking the Rules February 2011

    “Rules make the man. But my buddy’s sister, Sophia, makes those rules a challenge. She’s sexy, smart and more talented than she gives herself credit for. But she’s off limits. At least, she is until I figure out how to break that rule.”
    ~~Max St. James

    It Must Have Been The Mistletoe December 2010

    “Dear Santa, Thanks for the best present EVER!! I’ve crushed on Tyler Ramsey for so long and now he’s all mine for the drive home.  If I promise to be really good, can I keep him a little longer?”
    ~~Rita Mae Cole

    Riding The Waves September 2010

    “All I wanted was a sexy, fun vacation fling. When it turned out to be even better than I’d ever imagined, I was thrilled. But when the fling followed me home? Uh oh!”
    ~~Drucilla Robichoux

    Blazing Bedtime Stories January 2010

    “I’m not sure what’s worse. The curse that makes my… Well, that ruins my performance. Or the fact that I finally have a weekend alone with the sexiest woman I know. And thanks to the curse, I can’t perform.”
    ~~Sebastian Lane

    Feels Like The First Time September 2009

    “My idea of the perfect man? He’d be a combination of a mysterious warrior, a sexy fantasy and my best friend, Dexter Drake. All rolled into one. But that’s just fantasy. No guy’s that great, is he?”
    ~~Zoe Gaston

    Going Down Hard May 2009

    “I can take care of myself. But to protect my business and appease my best friend’s fears, I’m stuck with this rock-hard hunk of a body guard. But who is going to protect his body from me?”
    ~~Sierra Donovan

    Coming On Strong April 2009

    “Sure, I left Mitch at the altar, but I had a good reason. But now I want him back. And this time, I’m going to have him in every way I’ve fantasized about.”
    ~~Belle Forsham

    Risque Business September 2008

    “I believe that love is what it takes to make good sex great and Nick Angel insists that great sex is purely physical. I’d have to be crazy to challenge to let him prove his point.”
    ~~Delaney Connor

    Does She Dare? January 2008

    “The only thing more embarrassing than making a list of sexual fantasies is having the man whose name is on that list find it. Until Dante read it and offered to make all those fantasies into reality for me.”
    ~~Isabel Santos

    Double Dare May 2007

    “I’m the kind of girl who loves a good dare. But I’m not ready for a dare to turn into love. Especially with a cop. Not even with a cop as great as Jesse Martinez.”
    ~~Audra Walker


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