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  • September 2015
    A SEAL's Temptation

9780373798476May 2015
A SEAL's Secret coverFeb 2015
Dec 2014
Christmas with a SEAL coverNov 2014
A-SEAL-s-Fantasy Sept 2014
New Witch CoverApril 2014
A SEALs Kiss April 2014
NaughtyVegasNights w:NYMarch 2014
A SEAL's Salvation goodreads coverFebruary 2014
NCNDecember 2013
CoverFinalLG-NewSweetNothingsDecember 2013
Fearless CoverSeptember 2013
midnight special May 2013
A SEALs Surrender March 2013
 February 2013
 December 2012
NewSugarAndSpice October 2012
Wild Thing June 2012


Sex, Lies and Valentines February 2012
Sex, Lies and Midnight January 2012
Sex, Lies and Mistletoe December 2011
Just For The Night May 2011
Breaking the Rules February 2011
It Must Have Been The Mistletoe December 2010
Riding The Waves September 2010
Blazing Bedtime Stories January 2010
Feels Like The First Time September 2009
Going Down Hard May 2009
Coming On Strong April 2009
Risque Business September 2008
Does She Dare? January 2008
Double Dare May 2007

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