A SEAL’s Temptation: Another Review Roundup

“A SEAL’S TEMPTATION is a fresh and sexy romance with deeper undertones as Lark and Shane must face some of their personal issues. Ms. Weber’s writing is better than ever, and the dialogue and banter between the characters are even stronger than before, which is saying a lot because it has always been Tawny Weber’s […]

Throwback Thursday: Shane

I’ve already shared Shane’s first on page appearance when he quietly made his way through the pages of A SEAL’s Secret.  How about a peek of him in A SEAL’s Pleasure? “Dude, do you ever lose?”  “Romeo? Never.” Scavenger laughed as he collected his own winnings from the other three men. “I warned you not […]

Red Hot Reader of the Month: Donna

There’s nothing as fabulous as a reader… Except maybe a Red Hot Reader!   Check out this fun interview with Donna, this month’s Red Hot Reader.   1. What’s your favorite thing about reading romance? My favorite thing about reading romance is that I’m a total sucker for a good love story. I’ve been married […]

A SEAL’s Temptation Whoohooo

Whoohoo! I’m so excited that A SEAL’s Temptation is now out in print AND digital!!!  Over the next few days, I’ll be celebrating this release with a lot of fun things like a Blog Tour, a Readers Contest and a reader chat on Booktrib!  But for now, here’s an excerpt for you to check out…  […]

All the Possibilities Winner

What a lovely collections of reasons for joy!  Thanks to everyone why participated in the All the Possibilites contest.  The randomly chosen winner is: Laura Uriarte.  Congrats, Laura, who won the digital Sexy SEAL novella anthology!

Are You Signed Up?

Are you a Red Hot Newsletter subscriber? There’s a fun new contest in each newsletter with some yummy goodies and updates! If you want the inside scoop, and a fun free gift, just sign up here. Oh, and just for joining, you’ll not only get a free gift (Rules of Engagement, anyone?) but you’ll also […]

This or That: Winner

Congratulations to Barbara VW!   Your name was drawn as the winner of the latest This or That Contest. And, in addition, your chose of the hottest first impression went to: A SEAL’s Temptation.  Shane thanks you 😉  

All The Possibilities aka The Joy of Romance

I’m so excited to write this post for the 2015 Read-A-Romance Month. This year’s topic is The Joy of Romance, and oh what a joy it is! One of the things I love most about reading and writing romance are the infinite possibilities. Each book’s possibilities is only limited by genre and believability. I began […]

This or That Contest: Pleasure or Temptation

Its time for another This or That contest!! This time, its all about the heroes.  Check out the heroines’ first impression of each hero and let me know in the comments which one you prefer!  All comments are entered in the drawing!! Do you prefer… A SEAL’s Temptation: “So,” Lark said, loading the mugs into […]

A SEAL’s Temptation: Review Roundup

“A SEAL’s Temptation is a wonderful addition to the series. Tawny Weber always creates such unique characters with just the right amount of flaws and enough strength to make it through.” ~ Thoughts At One In The Morning “Tawny Weber’s Uniformly Hot series of sexy SEALs never fails to disappoint.” ~ A Chick Who Reads  […]

August Winner

Each month I draw a name from everyone who opens my newsletter and award a fun prize.   This month’s prize is Danica Favorite’s THE LAWMAN’S REDEMPTION. And the winner is: Cherrelle Lemon If you’d like to be entered in the monthly newsletter drawing, all you have to do is be signed up for my […]

A SEAL’s Proposal Yummy Goodness

I always enjoy going back through a book after I’ve written it in search of yummy treats for the characters to share.  In the case of A SEAL’s Proposal it’d be Bryanna’s salad dressing! You can download the recipe here And be sure to check out all of the other book recipes to see if […]

A SEAL’s Temptation Sneak Peek Celebration

A SEAL’s Temptation is out in print today! Happy dancing whoohoo and yay!!! I always get so excited about print releases because, despite my huge digital library, I still love print books! To celebrate today’s release, here’s an introduction Shane O’Brian, my hunky hero from  A SEAL’s Temptation.  Shane has the looks and, oh baby, he has […]