About Tawny Weber


Let me start by saying this: I totally, unabashedly, unashamedly love romance novels.

I love hot alpha heroes. I love seeing them fall in love with strong women, who fall just as in love with them. I love sassy dialogue and steamy love scenes. I love it all, from the sexy moments to the sweet ones.

Most of all, I love the happily ever after.

For a long time, I was content to just read about it. Then, two things happened.

1)  I met my husband. (Well, actually, I met my husband, then he went in the military, and then a few years later I fell in love with him, but that’s a long story.) Who knew you could actually meet and marry a sexy hero in real life?   I went from reading about romance, to falling head-over-heels into it, and after all these years, it’s still my favorite love story.

2)  Having that dream come true gave me the courage to pursue another dream entirely: not just read about romance, but actually write the stories I’ve come to love so much.

True heroes support your dreams. My husband has supported everything I’ve wanted to do, from crazy haircuts to homeschooling our kids. When it came to writing, not only did he see my dream before I did, he was the first one to nudge me toward it, believing in me before I believed in myself.wdg 2

Slowly, I started taking workshops and classes. I joined the Romance Writers of America, and found support and friendships that helped me stop simply dreaming, and start doing.

After years of reading the work of other authors I respected, I finally was able to create the stories I loved so much: heroes with just as much heart as heat, sassy and supportive heroines, all wrapped in stories that scorched the pages and warmed the heart.

Since that start, I’ve been fortunate enough to have over thirty books out, hitting the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists multiple times. My books been released in sixteen countries.

Best of all, I’ve been able to connect with readers from every walk of life, who are just like me: they adore sexy alpha heroes, along with a healthy dollop of humor!2014 RWA Literacy Signing

If you love that too, then I’d love to connect with you. I post a little on Twitter and a lot on Facebook, and I pin the stuff I’m interested in (character inspiration and writing stuff, as well as cupcakes, cute shoes… oh, and Johnny Depp! <g>) on Pinterest.

I also connect with fans through my newsletter, the Red Hot Readers Club. My readers do so much for me, I love giving them excerpts, recipes, and free reads that connect to the stories they’ve supported, as well as letting them know when new stories come out.

Romance has been a dream come true for me, one I’m happy to share. If you love romance as much as I do, you’re in the right place