A SEAL’s Kiss- Sexy SEAL Excerpt

One of the things I love most about writing the Sexy SEALs series is, well, they are seriously Sexy SEALs!  Another is being able to visit and revisit characters from book to book, both from previous stories and offering peeks at characters who will be in their own future story.

A SEALs KissHere’s an excerpt that shares a little of all of that.  Aiden Masters, hero of A SEAL’s Kiss, along with Brody Lane from A SEAL’s Salvation and a peek at Dominic Castillo, who will be rocking his own story in September in A SEAL’s Fantasy

Before Aiden could figure out if he wanted any more of Castillo’s questionable advice—because hello, who needed to think when the choice was between a blonde and a redhead?—the barracks door opened.

Petty Officer Brody Lane strode in.

     “Yo, Castillo.  Masters,” he greeted as he crossed the room.

     Aiden responded with an absent nod, more interested in how Brody was moving than whatever he had to say.  Even after two weeks of maneuvers, the guy moved with ease.  Good. That meant he was completely recovered from the injury that’d jacked up his leg and almost taken him out of the game earlier that year.

     “You’ve got company,” Brody said, tossing his cap on his bed before snagging his stack of mail off the table. The guy lived two hours away from his fiancé, saw her often enough that his toothbrush barely had time to dry, and she’d still sent him at least a half-dozen letters.  Hell, she’d have had to be writing some of those when he was laying in bed next to her.

     Love.  It was crazy.

     “What company?” Aiden asked.

     “Pretty lady. Didn’t want to talk to you here in the barracks,” Brody said, one eye on Aiden while thumbing through his mail.  “She’s in the Joint Reception Center.”


     What she would visit him on base?

     Dammit.  Aiden sighed.  As if he needed to wonder.9780373797875.indd

     “Sage is here?” he asked, tossing his cards on the table, not caring that they sent the others flying.  Clearly, he was through playing solitaire.

     “Sage Taylor,” Brody acknowledged with a nod.  His tone was casual, but the look in his eyes was piercing.  “She claims she’s your fiancé.”

     Aiden didn’t have to glance over to see that Castillo was looking just as intrigued.


     “You’re engaged?”

     No.  Before he could deny it, Rule Three flashed through his brain.  Dammit.

     “Yeah.  Sorta.”  He shrugged.  “We had a fight.”

     “Ahhh, one that made you question life directions,” Castillo surmised with a grin, pointing the sock at Aiden.

     “I don’t want to talk about it,” Aiden said, not willing to have this discussion.  Now, or ever.  He grabbed his cap out of his back pocket and pulled it down to shade his eyes.  “Can’t keep my fiancé waiting while I hang around chit-chatting with you guys.”

     “Not a problem,” Brody said, scraping the cards into a pile without looking at them. His eyes still locked on Aiden, he nodded and tapped the deck on the table.  “We’ll be here when you’re done.”

     “Yep, waiting to chit chat,” Castillo said, holding his sock up in the air as if inspecting his lousy sewing.  The eyes on the thing were lopsided, but it was actually starting to take on an eerie resemblance to Banks.  Aiden made a mental note to refrain from pissing Auntie Castillo off.

sigh… I do love these heroes!!!