A SEAL’s Kiss: A Peek at My Favorite Scene

I’m so excited about A SEAL’s Kiss release. This story is one of my favorites for a few reasons, one begin that the heroine was so fun to write. She’s been mistakenly dubbed a flake by everyone, including herself. But while Sage might not have ‘found her bliss’ as she terms her search for that something in live that will make her feel satisfied, she definitely knows what she wants in other areas of her life.  Here’s a peek at one:

“I promise, any sex I have will be within the accepted confines of our engagement,” she swore, one hand in the air.

     “That’d be Rule Four,” he said quickly.  “No sex.”

     “I just said I wasn’t going to cheat on you.  Even if the cheating was really fake.”

     “I mean no sex between us.”

A SEALs Kiss

     Sage was sure her jaw hit her chest so hard it bounced back.

     “I beg your pardon?”  He was kidding, wasn’t he?

     Expect he didn’t look like he was kidding.  He had that serious, man-in-charge, military face on again.

     “Look, as tempting as it might be to get carried away by the pretense, we aren’t actually engaged.  So no sex.”  He said it so adamantly she had to wonder which one of them he was bossing around.  “And no situations that might lead to sex.  No scenarios that might give each other an idea to create a situation that might lead to sex.”

     That’s it.  She’d had enough.

     He was only doing this for her father.

     She got that.

     He didn’t see her as marriage material, because wanting something didn’t mean you should have it.  Whatever that meant.


     But if he thought he got to call the shots when it came to her and sex, he was sadly out of his mind.

     Because Sage Taylor had a policy against letting any man tell her how, where or when she’d enjoy sexual pleasures.

     Aiden had just offered up a tidy lesson on the merits of mission planning and strategy.

     Now it was his turn to learn a thing or two.

     Call it her way of saying thank you.

     Not sure what she was going to do, only knowing she was going to make damned sure they both enjoyed it, Sage slowly lowered her feet to the floor.

     The move sent her skirt floating, sliding along her bare limbs like liquid.  Aiden’s hazel eyes followed the fabric, settling for a long second on her bare toes before he yanked his gaze back to meet hers.

     Sage smiled.

     A slow, seductive smile.

     Then in a sinuous move she’d learned from the belly dancers in Persia, she got to her feet, her fingers skimming her hips, up her waist before she teased them along the sides of her breasts and up to her throat.

     Wetting her lips, she gave a deep sigh.  Aiden’s gaze dropped to her breasts and his own lips tightened.  If the fit of his jeans were anything to go by, something else was getting tight, too.  He didn’t look too happy about that.  But Sage’s goal was horny, not happy.

     She stepped closer.

     From the wild look in his eyes, she figured it was a credit to his SEAL training that he didn’t step back. Because he clearly didn’t want her body this tight against his.  Or, he didn’t want to want her this close.

     “You go ahead and set those rules,” she told him quietly, tapping one finger against his chest, then against his chin.

     “You saying you won’t follow them?”

     “Rules one through three?  I’m one-hundred percent committed.”

     He closed his eyes for just a second, then gave her an arch look.

     “And rule four?”

     “Babe, enforcing that one is all on you.”  She gave one last tap, this one on the tempting fullness of his lower lip. Then, for good measure, she leaned close and brushed her own lips over that same spot before giving him a wide smile.  “Good luck with that.”

You can get A SEAL’s Kiss now in print, or on Tuesday in digital! I hope you’ll check it out 🙂