A SEAL’s Fantasy Review: Ramblings From This Chick

“A SEAL’s Fantasy is all about the romance. From the first spark of attraction to the magic of sex and falling in love, romance is the focus. While neither character is looking for love, they do find it, but will they ever acknowledge their feelings or will they just go their separate ways? That’s the fun of the book, while you know it will have a HEA, it’s the getting there that makes it and I could not put this one down. I had to know they would get there and how. And I was fascinated by the characters themselves, the SEALs and Dominic’s family. It all combined to make a wonderful story.

Looking for a sexy SEAL and a strong woman who knows what she wants? Want the strong temperaments to have to show a little vulnerability? Then this is just the book for you.” ~  Ramblings From This Chick