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    • March’s Hunk of the Month

      Since it is National Irish Heritage Month, for March’s Hunk of the Month contest, we have Irish Hotties! Our choices are Colin Farrell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Pierce Brosnan. Do you have a favorite Irish hottie not included in our choices? Please feel free to add it to the list!


      March Hunks

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    Facebook Fun

    I just turned in A SEAL's Temptation (Sept '15 release) and based on this conversation: community.harlequin.com/showthread.php/2639-Sensuality-and-Romance-in-Blaze-–-Finding-the-Balance/page4 during the #BlazeBlitz I managed to work 'Love Stick' into my book. Wanna see?

    “Mine?” Sara bit her lip again. “Um, well, that’s why I asked how much you like Shane. Because if you like him a lot, my thoughts are different than if you just want him for wild monkey sex.”


    “Monkey sex,” Sara finished with a nod. “See, if its just sex, then Carly’s idea will work great. But if it’s more, you know, if you care about Shane for more than his love stick, then it’s a totally crappy idea.”

    “Love stick?” Lark started to giggle, then laughed even harder when she imagined Shane’s face if he’d heard his pride and joy being called a love stick. “Where do you come up with these things?”

    “Just something I read on the internet.” Sara shrugged. “Well?”

    What do you think? It works, doesn't it? (the usage, not the love stick. I guarantee, that worked fine in the book)
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