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What’s Up…

  • Teaser Tuesday: A SEAL’s Secret


    Have you checked out A SEAL’s Secret yet?  If you’ve read it, I’d love to know your favorite thing about the story.  If you haven’t, well, its on sale this week for only .99 in digital, and since you wouldn’t have a favorite, I’ll happily share mine!

    Here’s a peek:

    Mitch frowned.  

         He was one of the best.

         That wasn’t ego.

    It was simply fact.

         Because he expected it to be. Because everyone else in his life expected it as well. Mitch didn’t think he’d ever considered another option.

         But neither had he ever considered it special, something to be admired to the degree that Livi seemed to think it deserved. He’d brush it off to great sex combined with a little hero worship, that’s not what he saw in her eyes.

         He wasn’t sure exactly what it was that he saw in those blue depths, though.  

         Confused, a little blown away, Mitch couldn’t find the words to tell her how she made him feel.

         So he showed her instead.

         He pulled her into his arms, keeping kisses gentle, his touch tender.

    He wanted to show her how incredible she was, not talk about how special she thought he was.

         He felt her instant flare of passion, but worked to bank it. He wanted her on simmer, not boiling over.

         He wanted her to float on desire, not catapult into passion.

         He simply wanted her. Continue reading →














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  • October’s Hunk of the Month


    The category for October’s Hunk of the Month contest is HOT COUNTRY STARS! Our choices are Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw and George Strait!

    country stars

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