Wild Thing Review: Romance Junkies

“Lately, Private Investigator Percy Graham seems to be on a losing streak, including the woman he has been unable to forget.  After spending a passionate night with her, he awoke to find her gone. Since then he has not been able to reach her. She will not even answer his phone calls or respond to his messages. He has decided to take a break from trying to drum up customers and to put off the thought of taking on a partner. Getting ready to fly off on a vacation, he agrees to take on a last minute assignment. A client is in the middle of a custody battle with his ex-wife over their Chinese Crested dog known as Medusa. He claims to have custody of the dog, but his ex-wife refuses to relinquish her. But now that Medusa is at the groomers, it is the perfect time to retrieve her. After all, it should not take long to stop at the upscale ‘Fur’sace Salon, pick up the dog, return her and be on his way.

Andrea Turner, who owns the ‘Fur’sace Salon, has been trying to forget her night of passion with Percy. Being curvy, she believes her svelte sisters are much more beautiful than she is. So after their night together, she had taken one look at him and realized that she could never hold onto a man like him. She had seen the way other women wanted him and figured he probably had a harem. So she had bolted.

Arriving at the salon, Percy heard strange noises and found the woman of his dreams tied to a chair and gagged. Releasing her, he discovered that a thug had taken the dog that Percy was supposed to pick up. He agrees to go after the criminal, but Andrea insists on going with him. After all, the dog had been taken while in her custody. As they search together for the dog, Percy is given a chance to show her how much he cares for her. Will he be able to win her, or will she continue to give him the cold shoulder?

Author Tawny Weber is known for her hot, sassy romances and this one is no exception. With attitude, passion, suspense and romance, this story is brought to life right before your eyes. WILD THING is a delightfully sensual romance that will turn first time readers of Ms. Weber’s work into fans. I highly recommend this story and look forward to Ms. Weber’s next novel, NICE AND NAUGHTY due out in December.

Hot, hot, hot! These two scrumptiously sensual stories by bestselling authors, Tawny Weber and Rhonda Nelson, which comprise the book BLAZING BEDTIME STORIES, VOLUME VII, will capture your attention from the very beginning as they turn up the heat. If you enjoy stories with plenty of spice, sass and humor, this is the book for you. Combining humor, sizzling passion, charismatic characters, intriguing plots and romance, Ms. Weber and Ms. Nelson have penned winners. Do not miss this unforgettable novel!” —  5 Blue Ribbons, RomanceJunkies