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  • A SEAL’s Temptation Whoohooo

    Whoohoo! I’m so excited that A SEAL’s Temptation is now out in print AND digital!!!  Over the next few days, I’ll be celebrating this release with a lot of fun things like a Blog Tour, a Readers Contest and a reader chat on Booktrib!  But for now, here’s an excerpt for you to check out… Portrait of happy loving couple in passionate cuddles

    A SEAL’s Temptation Excerpt

    Watching his sister all but bounce her way up the outside stairs that led to his apparent home away from home, Shane gave himself a moment to assess the situation.

    Sara’s friend was seriously hot.

    Dark eyes and darker hair gave her a sultry look, her full lips and lush lashes cementing that impression. She made him think of a gypsy. Not so much in looks since her hair fell in a sleek line to her shoulders, the edges jagged and choppy. But the dozen bracelets jangling on her wrist and the hoops big enough for a baby’s fist fit. As did the way she looked at him, as if she could not only see into his mind, but all the way to his dreams.But he was only here for a few days. A week if he gave in to his sister’s nagging. He was supposed to be spending time with Sara, maybe mend fences with his mother.

    9780373798636.inddSo getting a major hard-on for a small town girl who was besties with his sister was on the no-go list.

    Even if she was seriously hot.

    Once he was sure he had a handle on his reactions—and his body’s response to the luscious Lark, Shane followed the women up the short flight of stairs.

    As he went, he mentally cataloged the terrain. Cool weather with a clear sky meant good visibility. The coffee house was located at the corner of Main Street, the second floor offering an easy view of downtown. Minimal noise as businesses shut down and locals went home for the day. The stairs creaked, he stepped harder on the next one, and deemed them safe enough. And Lark Sommers was seriously hot.

    He shook his head, forcing his attention back to recon.

    Except he wasn’t on duty. And this wasn’t a target zone.

    That didn’t mean he was off the hook for paying attention to details, evaluating locations and gauging risks. But that didn’t mean that estimating the distance from the apartment windows to the ground below was more important than appreciating the way Lark’s hips swayed as she walked.

    And what a sway she had. His eyes traced the curve of her butt. Her backside was just as sweet as her front. So why not enjoy himself while he was here? If Lark was interested, there was no reason not to see how far that interest he’d saw in her eyes could go.

    It didn’t have to be an issue.

    Did it?

    Sara’s laugh burst out like happy bubbles floating through the air. Shane smiled as her exuberance lifted his mood. Damn, he’d missed her. Hearing her cheerful voice made him realize just how much he tended to block out thoughts of his family. Because of his mom, sure, but also because of his job.

    As they reached the landing, Sara shot him a bright smile and set his mind straight. The situation between their mother and him was hard enough on Sara. She didn’t need deal with her best friend pissed off at him, too.

    Which put Lark right back in the off limits category.


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  • September’s Hunk of the Month


    The category for September’s Hunk of the Month contest is HOT MALE ACTORS OVER AGE 50! Our choices are Sam Elliott, Scott Bakula and Christopher Meloni!


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