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What’s Up…

  • September Red Hot Reader of the Month

    There’s nothing as fabulous as a reader… Except maybe a Red Hot Reader!

    Check out this fun interview with Kathy Newcomer, this month’s Red Hot Reader.


    1. What’s your favorite thing about reading romance?

    My favorite thing about reading romance is being able to get away from life’s problems for a while, immersing myself in a story that has a happy ending and where love conquers all. Also, I love reading books that are connected and I can catch up on characters from other books that I’ve read. That’s one of the things I love about Tawny’s books!

    2. Which of Tawny’s books is your favorite?

    I think I’d have to say all of them since I haven’t read one of her books that I didn’t love! I have all of her older books in print and the newer ones in ebook. My favorite book (by a little bit) is “Breaking the Rules”. The hero is military and falls for his best friend’s little sister, two of my favorite storylines.

    3. What type of hero rocks your world?

    Military men are my favorite heroes. There’s nothing sexier than a strong hero that loves our country and is an alpha protector of his loved ones.

    4. Where is your favorite place to read?

    I love to curl up in my chair with a book or my Kindle after everyone is in bed and get lost in a good romance. It helps me unwind after a long day and I end up sleeping better.

    5. What’s your favorite reading snack?

    I usually munch on pretzels and have a glass of iced tea to sip on.

    6. Print or Digital?

    I enjoy using my Kindle, but there’s nothing quite like holding a book in my hands.

    7. Chocolate or Vanilla?

    It has to be chocolate! 😀

    8. Day or Night?

    I’m the original night owl, but have to get up early to get my husband off to work so I don’t stay up TOO late. 😉 lol

    9. Short reads or Long books?

    I’ll read any length of a book, as long as it keeps my attention and doesn’t drag out the story with unnecessary details.

    10. Cupcakes or Ice Cream?

    I’m not normal according to my friends and family since I don’t care for cake or ice cream. I guess I got sick of cake after making and decorating cakes for almost 37 years, and ice cream doesn’t tempt me.





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Hunk of the Month Contest

  • September’s Hunk of the Month


    The category for September’s Hunk of the Month contest is MOVIE SUPERHEROES! Our choices are Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), and Christopher Reeve (Superman).



    Vote below and be sure to leave a comment to enter to win a prize.


    Who do think is the hottest superhero?
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