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What’s Up…

  • This or That: First Lines


    This week’s This or That contest is First Lines. For a chance to win let me know in the comments which excerpts you like best! All comments are entered in the drawing!!






    From Book One, A SEAL’s Proposal


    Sam Morelli made it his business to be the best.

    Even if being the best hurt like hell.

    When he was ten, Sam had been so hooked on George of the Jungle that he’d shimmied up the neighbor’s palm tree, grabbed hold of one frond and with a gleeful yodel, swung his way toward the next tree. That he hadn’t killed himself on the ten-foot drop was a flat out miracle. He had broken his collarbone and ended up so bruised and battered that he’d gone trick-or-treating without a mask.

    Standing at attention, asphalt burning hot under his booted feet and the blinding sun stabbing painfully into is brain, Sam wished he felt that good right now.







    From Book One, Sugar and Spice


    What was a smart, goal-oriented girl to do when she got all hot and bothered watching a strong, sexy man look like a lost little boy? In this particular case, Dedra Hanson figured the only option was to run like hell.

    Because when the lost little boy was her boss, a strong, sexy man who had just gotten engaged to someone else, he landed firmly on her off-limits list. Throw in the fact that he saw her as an efficient, albeit sometimes humorous robot, and the whole situation just screamed heartache.

    Standing by the front door with a stack of files clutched in her arms, Dedra watched Paul Chastain stare at the small, vividly furnished apartment like he’d never seen a couch before. Then again, it was highly likely he’d never seen one in neon paisley.




    So… This or That? Comment to enter the drawing for a digital copy of either Sexy SEALS Anthology or Karma Café Boxed Set, winners’ choice! The winner will be announced on Sunday.




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Hunk of the Month Contest

  • May’s Hunk of the Month


    The category for May’s Hunk of the Month contest is HOT TELEVISION HEROES! Our choices are Alex O’Loughlin (Hawaii Five-0), Jay Harrington (S.W.A.T.) and Clive Standen (Taken).



    Vote below and be sure to leave a comment to enter to win a prize.


    Which hottie would you like to come to your rescue?
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